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The cost-cutting and downsizing of the last few years in the mining industry is at an end. Now, with global demand for many commodities growing, mining companies and their ecosystem of suppliers are looking at how they can take advantage of this recovery – fast. Analysts are forecasting more investments than this industry has seen…

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Strategic delivery in modern business requires a balance between control and flexibility, risk and opportunity, and good timing.  Don’t go the way of the dinosaur, use the right enterprise solutions to support your agile strategic processes. Warning! Static strategy can lead to extinction With their size, speed, aggression, big teeth and an abundance of food,…

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Predictions vary about when emergent technologies will become a reality. Can taking a look at the past provide insight into what’s next? No matter where you look there are predictions on when technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality and driverless cars will become a reality and commonplace in our lives. Many pundits fall back…

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The Internet of Things in the automotive industry — There may still be skepticism about the IoT in some sectors, but in automotive IoT is taking up more space than ever in our vehicles. The signs are everywhere. We are all aware of the larger trends we face in the automotive industry (faster and smarter production…

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Is your company “servitizing” its products and “productizing” services? Now more than ever, service management software must be created using agile development processes but it must also enable business process agility. Trending Initiatives: Servitizing Products & Productizing Services Most service business leaders I’ve met with recently are working on “servitization” or “productification” initiatives. I’m not sure…

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Civil Aviation

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IFS’s Global Industry Director for the Aerospace & Defense sector, Graham Grose, predicts how key trends will be impacting the industry during 2016. Companies will need to control 3D printing processes and counterfeiting risks more closely The civil aviation sector is already a huge trendsetter in the adoption of additive manufacturing (3D printing), contributing 12…

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As some of you may know, this week the Biathlon World Cup is kicking off in Swedish Östersund. IFS has a long history of commitment to the biathlon sport. Since 2011 we have been the official Data Sponsor for the international Biathlon Union (IBU) and a team sponsor for the Swedish Biathlon Federation. This year…

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Two posts in the IFS blog last month address a question of business agility. IFS Analyst Chuck Rathmann wondered whether IFS lives up to the agile enterprise hype. And Global Director for Process Industries Jakob Björklund asked how IFS can help you, the customer, be agile. After all, IFS itself is agile and knows quite…

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