Jeff Pike

Jeff has worked in A&D and IT for more than 30 years having spent some 20 years as a Royal Air Force senior officer specializing in a number of Logistics areas; Operational Logistics, Senior Program management of a number of major Government IT programs, Defense Logistics Business Transformation and Logistics Operational Research. He also has some 10 years commercial international Business Development experience, in enterprise software, within global defense markets. Jeff is a Supply Chain optimization and Logistics Business Transformation specialist and has a Master’s Degree in Logistics Engineering. He regularly presents on Performance Based Logistics (PBL) to Governments and global A&D Industry. Jeff is responsible for global IFS A&D strategy and supports global IFS A&D Marketing, Industry Marketing and Business Development.

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HUMS + ERP = PBL with Attitude!

There are several benefits to be gained from the introduction of a complete end-to-end HUMS/EAM support solution. Over the last…

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Civil Aviation Should See Maintenance as a Profit Center
civil aviation mro software

The Wall Street Journal has shown that there is very little room for profit in the aviation industry. In fact,…

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IFS Helps GE Aviation and US Navy Team Save $110 million, Win Secretary of Defense Award

Performance-based logistics (PBL) was designed as a cost-saving measure for weapons system support efforts. And reduce weapons system cost is…

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Performance-Based Logistics: Cementing BRICS on the Path to Competitive Growth

BRICS nations have an opportunity to assert themselves on the global stage and are looking to invest in their armed…

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Sustainability Monitoring – Do you do it? 68% of UK A&D companies don’t!

…and those that do, use manual spreadsheets! Governments of the world have been working towards an improved level of sustainability…

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Operation Mobile: How mobile apps are changing the way the military operates in the field
Mobile apps in defense

The consumer world is unable to function without a smartphone and/or a tablet and has moved on from brick-sized analogue devices to wafer thin smartphones with processing capabilities comparable to those of laptops. New technology is constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can expect from our mobile devices. The A&D market is trending in a similar direction primarily driven by the demand for industrial workforce productivity combined with dramatic improvements that can be achieved in military operational effectiveness. The big question remaining is exactly what role mobile apps could play in defense strategy.

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