David is the Director of IFS Labs. In this position, he’s responsible for pushing the limit for what companies can expect to accomplish with enterprise software in the near future. With a number of software teams at his disposal, his unit produces prototypes of software innovations aimed at making companies even better suited to win the battle against their competitors. Since joining IFS in 1997, David has held a number of positions within the IFS Research & Development division. Since early 2010 he is responsible for heading up the IFS Labs division within IFS, creating prototypes of future functionality for IFS Applications – the world’s greatest ERP Software. When not hovering over the keyboard, David enjoys the outdoors and a good game of tennis. He is also a skilled piano player and has a perfect pitch.

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Microsoft Windows 8 – New and Old Mixed Together
Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

In Los Angeles, using one of the bigger venues available for these kind of events, some 5,000 developers were gathered on Tuesday Sep 13, 2011, for a full day of keynotes from VP’s and Senior VP’s from the Microsoft development departments, showing the latest version of the Windows operating system; Windows 8.

It is clear from the start that Microsoft has a lot riding on this.

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