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As part of an organization’s journey towards digital operations, they are bound by business and legal requirements to sign and countersign for example, supplier or personnel contracts, certain types of invoices or rental/lease agreements.

Many businesses deal with 100s or 1000s of documents that require a formal signature monthly, and to survive in this digital signature environment, they must ensure that their signing procedures are not only efficient, easy to manage, and simple to use, but also secure and form an immutable record.

Physical paper signatures rapidly becoming a thing of the past due to their prohibitive costs and delays caused by the cumbersome process of shipping, printing, posting, and scanning, especially when documents require many rounds of signatures or approvals. Additionally, storing, printing, and posting paper has an impact on the environment due to the removal of trees (or even recycling) and transportation associated with higher carbon emissions both of which impact and impede sustainability efforts In addition, managing printed documents can pose security risks, especially for documentation of a legal or confidential nature.

Fully integrated with IFS Document management and through a partnership with market leaders, Adobe, ‘IFS Electronic Signature’ provides the ability to be able to manage the end-to-end document signature processes through IFS Cloud to offer a seamless, inbuilt integration that works across all IFS cloud business objects and flows smoothly from any department to another within the organization or to any external stakeholder.

Here is a detailed video of how it works:

The IFS Cloud electronic signature integration helps organizations:

  • Send documents for signatures directly within the respective IFS business object ensuring a simplified and fast signing process.
  • Track documents throughout the signing process, providing transparency, reducing potential delays and providing an immutable record of the transaction.
  • Reduce the need for paper-based processes and cut costs associated with printing, mailing, and physical storage as well as the negative carbon impact associated with transportation.
  • Orchestrate full document control and security within IFS Cloud to ensure authenticity and integrity.
  • Easy to use/adopt solution embedded with IFS Cloud. IFS’s focus has been on making the user experience as frictionless as possible.

About IFS

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