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Q1 has officially ended, and as we look ahead to Q2 and beyond, you might be thinking about how to take your career to the next level. Did you set goals you’d like to revisit, or are you looking for inspiration to make smarter decisions?

The IFS R&D Career Guilds and Expo from last year offered an unforgettable experience. Within this retrospective, we’ll uncover pivotal insights to guide your path towards success in 2024 and beyond.

In 2023 IFS celebrated 25 years of operations in Sri Lanka, with the team members exceeding 2,300 spanning across R&D, HR, Marketing, GCS, Support, Finance and more, contributing to nearly 40% of the global workforce. IFS R&D, being the highest contributor, has always been engaging those colleagues through various means, and the R&D Career Guilds and Expo held last October is an example of one. The event aimed to gather aspiring innovators, seasoned professionals, and thought leaders in IFS R&D in knowledge exchange, networking, and inspiration; And it was nothing short of a truly memorable day.

AI as a central figure in the future of work

Predicting the future isn’t magic, it’s artificial intelligence. – Dave Waters

IFS is not new to AI. The first session uncovered the key milestones from the past and gearing up with a vision for the future. Erani, Samiddhi, and Dilshan delivered an illuminating session on , and how it is redefining productivity and supercharging your teams to outperform the competition. will pave the way for efficient people, assets, and workflows, through simulation, optimization, and anomaly detection. Through seamless integration with IFS Cloud, Ultimo, Assyst, and Poka, the capabilities are set to further elevate with the introduction of, promising to deliver undeniable and extensive business value.

A future-proof R&D team

Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. – Gucci

Thusitha and Dakshika walked through what constitutes a future-proof R&D team. What sets IFS apart from the competition? It was a deep dive into what we have done in the past, what we do at present, as well as what we should do in the future to maintain the unique value we create for our customers. It was a testament to how much every one of us mattered, as well as the characteristics we all embody as R&D being the catalyst for superior quality which results in delighted customers.

IFS career models and opportunities

If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat! Just get on. – Sheryl Sandberg

In a previous blog post, I wrote “If you can do it for the joy, you can do it forever!” The first panel discussion for the day was all about that, and a little more. Bhagya walked everyone through the IFS career models and how they encompass a wide range of career enhancement opportunities for all. She shared her own experiences about learning by taking on new challenges and building a fulfilling career with R&D. The panel discussion moderated by her gave everyone the opportunity to hear from our very own Harsha, Asantha, Shamila, and Sudarshi about how they pursued their passions and achieved expertise in their respective fields.

My favorite part of the event was listening to Chris’s story which he shared with much honesty and humility. It was a testament to how a simple thought can get you far on a remarkably rewarding journey. The lessons from his career which he shared with everyone were simple, yet truly awe-inspiring. Chris himself summarized them into 6 points which I am taking the liberty to include here for those who want to refresh their memories:

  • Say yes to opportunity.
  • Never be frightened to volunteer.
  • A great attitude and can-do spirit go far.
  • Always be curious.
  • Things won’t always go right. Learn and move on.
  • Find a great mentor and be a mentor to others.

Introducing Guilds

If we build a tribe of like-minded people, we never have to be alone again. But it’s more than that; together, we can change the world. – Shawn Wells

Formerly referred to as Communities of Practice, in 2023, R&D reintroduced “Guilds.” – An association of like-minded people with similar interests and pursuits. Lalinda, Afifa, Ineshka, Heshan, Oshadhi, Malinga, Rusitha, and Dumindu came together on an illuminating panel discussion which took a deep dive into the role of guilds in building competence and developing specific practices through knowledge and experience sharing, as well as career plan development. The role of guilds in building much more robust careers not only in DevSecOps which spans across many organizations such as QA, Performance, Software Engineering, and DevOps; But also in Support, UX, Program and Product management.

Customer value creation

Quality is not an act; it is a habit – Aristotle

The session centered around two pivotal roles that have become indispensable within both R&D and the broader scope of IFS operations. It provided an hour-long exploration of the often-overlooked contributions made by these individuals, whose efforts significantly impact customer value creation. Facilitated by Aaron and Nawodika, the session featured insights from Linda, Manique, Chathura, and Sonal, representing User Education, Quality Assurance, and Global Support domains. Structured as a role-play scenario between a hypothetical customer and IFS representatives from these areas, the session offered attendees a comprehensive understanding of these roles’ functions and their value proposition. Additionally, it offered a glimpse into the future with

Taking on challenges in the workspace

Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible. –  Francis of Assisi

The last panel discussion moderated by Chamilka featured very special individuals who have been chameleons in the workplace, taking challenges and changing course where and when necessary to build amazing careers. Nilantha, Dinithi, Kasun, Supul, Chathrini, and Buddika talked about how they moved from many diverse areas, job roles, and responsibilities without hesitation, and how R&D had given them the backing and the opportunities that they deserved. Alex also contributed with a prerecorded video enlightening everyone about how non-conformity and curiosity got her reaching greater heights in her career.

Internal career events are known to provide a space and opportunities to improve collaboration, inspiration, and facilitating communication. The R&D Career Guilds and Expo was one such event and much more. It was a day of networking, learning, ideation, and a reminder of how each one of us mattered in making robust, innovative products that customers love. Not forgetting our amazing host Rifky, and the quiz master Kasun who made the event extra special and a truly memorable one.

Do you want to be a part of a company with a flexible and supportive culture? Check out the open opportunities at Careers and Job Vacancies | IFS. Find more about IFS at About us – IFS.

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