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In the world of Supply Chain Management (SCM) Consulting, the path to becoming a subject matter expert is often a result of diverse experiences, relentless passion, and a commitment to continuous learning.

As I reflect on my journey as a Senior Consultant in Supply Chain Management and Sales, I cannot help but appreciate the twists and turns that brought me here and the invaluable role that the Global Consulting Division (GCD) at IFS has played in shaping my career.

The Basis: Logistics, Transport, and Procurement

My career journey commenced in the world of Logistics, Transport, and Procurement as a Management Trainee and as an Executive in Procurement right after. These early experiences served as a solid foundation to build my passion for Supply Chain Management. Working in Logistics and Procurement allowed me to gain a deep understanding of the critical role that efficient supply chain management plays in an organization’s success. In Logistics, the importance of handling work processes efficiently with IT is an important aspect in achieving organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

Transitioning to ERP: The Role of a Business Systems Analyst

The transition from Logistics and Procurement to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) was a pivotal moment in my career. As a Business Systems Analyst, I found myself at the intersection of technology and business needs. This role required me to bridge the gap between complex supply chain operations and ERP solutions. It was during this phase that I developed a fascination for the intricacies of ERP systems and tremendous potential of those to transform businesses.

As I stepped into the world of ERP, I spent a significant time assisting in implementation projects during the project life cycles. Those projects were instrumental in sharpening my analytical skills and enhancing my knowledge of supply chain processes. I was able to witness the real-world impact of well-implemented ERP systems, making me even more passionate about the career path I had chosen. I was overwhelmed to see that my passion of ERP had made it into reality. I was fortunate to become a part of a team who provides solutions to the business needs in the real world.

Broadening My Horizons: The Journey to Senior Consultant

There was a turning point in my career when I was positioned in the role of Senior Consultant. This elevation marked my growing expertise in Supply Chain Management and ERP Consulting. Within a short span of one and half years at IFS I had the privilege of taking on this role, which stands as a testimony to the exposure, training, and mentorship I received within the organization. This role brought me new challenges and opportunities to sharpen my career further.

Throughout my journey at IFS, I have been fortunate enough to engage in diverse project assignments, each presenting unique challenges and learning opportunities. While my primary focus has been on Supply Chain Management, my product knowledge in Manufacturing has also allowed me to contribute effectively to Manufacturing Projects as well. The ability to navigate in multiple domains with confidence was recognized due to the broadened knowledge base. The customer facing experiences and dealing with multiple stakeholders in diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds were some of the highlights which further enhanced my experience as a Consultant.

My role has now evolved to encompass not only consulting but also training, mentoring, and leadership. Recognized for my potential in these areas, I have had the privilege of contributing significantly to the organizational activities and nurturing the growth of fellow team members. Global Consulting Delivery organization within IFS is not just a place of work; it is an environment that encourages personal growth and resilience in the face of challenges.

Learning Culture: The Power of a Supportive Environment

At IFS, we are encouraged to continually improve our product knowledge through training courses and staying updated on new Product Releases. The learning does not stop there. We can enroll in courses that enhance our commercial mindset, improve customer handling skills, and foster the growth of subject matter expertise.

One of the hallmarks of my journey was the support I received from both management team and team members. Even during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to achieve organizational success without compromising the bottom line, which represents the strength of the team and the unwavering support from management. At IFS we do not work in silos but as teams which enliven our core values.

Beyond Work: Enriching Life Experiences

The experience at Global Consulting Delivery offers more than just a professional journey. It fosters a vibrant and engaging environment. Activities such as conducting trainings, organizing events and fun activities, monthly celebrations, outings, trips, and participating in quizzes and sports days are all parts of our schedules. These experiences not only strengthen the bond among team members but also add an element of amusement to our professional lives. Life at IFS strikes a harmonious balance between work and personal well-being, avoiding the monotony often associated with the corporate world.

Being socially responsible is highly valued at IFS. I have had the privilege of participating in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, including donations and projects aimed at uplifting rural schools in Sri Lanka. Contributing to the Cancer Hospital as part of a fundraiser remains one of the most significant moments in my career. These engagements have had a positive influence in me to become a thoughtful and introspective individual.

Taking It Forward: Nurturing New Talent

IFS actively supports new entrants to the industry through Career Fairs and other initiatives aimed at helping university students find their career paths. It is fulfilling to witness the positive impact and guidance we can provide to the next generation of professionals. In conclusion, my journey from Logistics and Procurement to becoming a subject matter expert in Supply Chain Management and ERP Consulting has been one remarkable adventure. The exposure, training, mentorship, and support I have received at IFS played a pivotal role in my career growth. This journey has not only shaped me as a Consultant, but also complemented my life beyond work.

Every day at IFS, I am reminded of the essential role that passion, dedication, and continuous learning play in building a successful career. My decision to step into the IT industry as a Consultant has been one of the best decisions I have made in my life. It is a journey that I embraced with open arms, and I look forward to the exciting challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the world of Supply Chain Management and ERP Consulting.

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