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At IFS, we believe that user research is not just a step in the design process; it’s a mindset that should inform every design decision. By keeping the user at the center of the design process, we ensure that our products are more likely to succeed and provide meaningful value to our users.

That’s why we’ve created UX Insights Champions – a user research program driven by our product experts, aka our users.

If you use IFS products, you, too, can join our user research program to influence user experiences for both unreleased and existing solutions actively. Whether you’re a seasoned IFS user, a newcomer, or someone who uses assistive technology, you can become a part of our fantastic user panel – UX Insights Champions, because your feedback is invaluable in shaping the future of our products.

UX Insights Champions

Who Can Participate?

Our doors are open to everyone, whether you’re just starting with IFS or a seasoned user. The only prerequisites are your experience with IFS or similar products and your ability to communicate in English.

What Are the Benefits?

Your valuable feedback directly shapes our products and influences future releases tailored to your needs. Plus, you might get an exclusive sneak peek at upcoming designs and features. Your insights guide the teams in crafting the products you use daily.

How to Get Involved?

Once you’re registered, we’ll reach out with exciting research opportunities. No time this round? No worries – there’s no obligation to participate if you’re contacted.

What to Expect in a Testing Session?

First and foremost, expect to have fun! 😊 We conduct various studies, including surveys, interviews, and usability tests. Your level of involvement is entirely up to you; we respect your time and preferences.

Is My Data Secure?

Absolutely. We adhere to GDPR standards, ensuring your data from the database and usability tests remains confidential. You can opt out of our database anytime, and we will promptly delete your information.

Please find more information here.

Do you have any questions? Excited to hear from you at

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