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IFS Unleashed is bringing together A&D industry leaders to explore ways technology is helping propel organizations into a digital future.

After two long years of Covid restrictions, IFS is back hosting its customer and partner conference IFS Unleashed this year in Miami, Florida, October 10-14. With the drastic change in the way organizations operated through lockdown, and with the geopolitical situation changing almost daily, the game changing use of technology in the A&D sector has been thrust into the spotlight.

IFS Unleashed is bringing together global communities into one place—to explore, discuss and question how the adoption of different technologies will help shape the future of business. Every day, there will be technology demos and exhibitions, breakouts, presentations, and discussion groups around key developments affecting the aerospace and defense sector—and what better location to do all of that in, than the famous South Beach of Miami.

Here’s a taster of what to expect:

This year, some of the best A&D insights will be at our dedicated breakout industry sessions – taking place every day of the show. Here’s a quick rundown of what to look out for:

A&D thought leadership track

Industry-specific sessions for defense forces, contractors and A&D manufacturers

The defense sector has been a transformative journey over the last two years, with IT modernization accelerating considerably during the onset of the global pandemic. Technologies such as virtual and augmented reality, digital twins, 3D printing, and more are starting to see battlefield action for the first time.

We’ve brought together defense manufacturers, contractors and military forces to IFS Unleashed. Each day will feature dedicated sessions looking at the movers and shakers in the future of the defense sector. The past two years have certainly been a test for the defense and manufacturing sector, but we’re here to shed light and explain how to deal with these changes, one session at a time!

Commercial aviation and A&D MRO focus

As we all know, the aviation industry took one of the biggest hits from the pandemic, with the ripple effect to be felt for years. It’s been a wake-up call for commercial aviation that now must evolve at a rapid pace to keep up with the many challenges and opportunities ahead. We will be taking a deep dive into the new technologies that are helping the aviation industry springboard into the future—such as new aviation maintenance software developments, eSignatures, the drive for aviation sustainability, and what engine true-lifing/in-service life extension can mean to airlines. That’s just a few of the issues we’ll be covering, of course there’s much, much more! These daily sessions will feature leading airlines, OEMs and MRO providers—bringing some of aviation’s biggest names together under one roof.

Additional A&D plays – hear it, see it, feel it

During the jam-packed week, there are keynote sessions from C-Suite level industry pros, commentators and thought leaders, all focusing on different themes across all industries, and if past experience is anything to go by, there’ll be plenty of audience interaction.

An exhibition hall will host the biggest A&D industry zone we’ve ever had. This will include product demos and seminars, including our live virtual reality defense experience, creating an immersive environment to demonstrate how IFS delivers Total Asset Readiness® and cutting-edge technology to deliver remote maintenance expertise—whether out on a desert operation, or facing a tight turnaround on the tarmac.

Don’t miss the boat to register

Connecting with A&D industry experts, partners and peers, is definitely what’s needed after a two-year hiatus due to lockdown.

The location is sunny Miami, so it’s time to save the date and reserve your space for the most engaging and exciting A&D industry event of the year. Join us and learn new and innovative ways of ‘unleashing’ the maximum value from our IFS technology for your organization.

Booking your spot for IFS Unleashed has never been easier. Register now!

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