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In our recent Sustainability Panel, Sophie Graham (IFS Global Sustainability Director), Caitlin Keam (IFS Product Manager for ESG), and Lewis Pugh (IFS Sustainability Ambassador and UN Patron of the Oceans) discussed the importance of sustainability – and how we can drive businesses to be more sustainable through direct action and support.

Sustainability – it’s the topic on everyone’s mind, not only at IFS but to businesses at large.

Today, on World Ocean’s Day, it seems fitting to discuss the outsized impact technology can have by enabling businesses to become more sustainable. Moreover, how IFS is determined to turn a ripple of change into a wave of impact with our customers’ sustainability goals.

The responsibility of all businesses

Businesses benefit from being able to adapt and change far more quickly than the average political consensus. By their nature, businesses are structured to acclimate, grow, and create solutions – making them a necessary driving force for a sustainable future. Amid the climate emergency, all businesses have an essential role to play.

Good intentions to become more sustainable are no longer enough. To gain a competitive advantage, businesses must be proactive and transparent in their mission to achieve sustainability.

What IFS is doing

Driving sustainable change is at the heart of IFS. Being aware, vocal, and actively pursuing our sustainability goals is essential to maintaining transparency throughout our business.

Firstly, as a global business, we are responsible for considering our impact on the international community. To assess this, our first step was to look at our operations – to understand our carbon footprint baselines, judge our journey to carbon neutrality, and review our diversity data. Our assessment led to the launch of our first Sustainability Report – marking an important step in being transparent and accountable to our global stakeholders.

Secondly, as a technology company, we have both the means and opportunity to be an enabler of positive change. IFS’s broad portfolio of solution areas puts us in an exclusive position to help our customers with their sustainability objectives. Sustainability needs to be embedded into every aspect of a business. That is why last year, we developed the IFS Cloud Sustainability Hub – giving our customers simplicity in the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) reporting landscape.

Given the right resources and technology, businesses have the unique position to pave the way for a more sustainable future. This is what we endeavor to do for our customers. As leaders of innovation – we want to work closely with our customers to support their sustainability goals and understand their challenges: from automated data collection to reducing emissions – clearly understanding our customers’ needs helps to inform our product roadmap and strategy.

What our customers are doing

We have already seen the impact IFS technology has on our customers as they continue to pursue their sustainability goals. In 2021, we launched our Change for Good Sustainability Awards – a showcase of our customers’ success and their impressive use of IFS technology. 26 IFS customers entered, highlighting the true excellence and commitment to making their businesses more sustainable.

As our 2022 Change for Good Awards approaches, we are truly excited to see the further utilization of IFS technology.

For both IFS and our customers, there is still a journey ahead of us to reach our sustainability objectives. However, with continued determination and innovation – we will persist in our mission to turn a ripple of change into a wave of impact with sustainability.

Please see our 2021 Sustainability Report for more details on where we are making an impact with sustainability.

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