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If you were to ask me when I first started creating scenarios in my head about how my future career would bring me success, I wouldn’t be able to recall. To me, the sheer thought of achieving success is an integral driving force in almost everything I do. Growing up, I have always been inspired by stories of success – leading people in business starting from scratch and making it up to the top with A LOT of hard work. 

My name is Maya Nikolova and I’m an intern in the Campaign Marketing team. Currently on my placement year, I’m studying Management with Marketing at the University of Bath. I started my intern journey at IFS in August 2021 and I was fortunate enough to be able to interview Jacqueline de Rojas, president of TechUK and an IFS board member about the role of women in technology. Here’s what I gleaned from the experience:

The opportunity to speak to the extremely successful Jacqueline de Rojas is one you are always grateful for. I truly admire the power of leading by example and therefore inspiring others to strive for what they believe in. When you exude confidence and strength, you pass it on to others. As women, we should learn from each other, bring each other up and maintain the strong mentality that success is a few steps away provided we work hard. By Jacqueline’s example, succeeding in the technology industry as a female is becoming the norm.  

Women in leadership positions

Women in leadership positions are bringing a new perspective to the table and diversifying the world of tech. Throughout my short (but meaningful) experience so far in the tech world, I have noticed that creativity and innovation are key to moving forward. This is where our role as women comes in, to bring in fresh ideas and newly discovered approaches to our work.  

The Future

I can’t be certain what my future career path will be. However, one thing I know for sure is that I will always be motivated by women like Jacqueline proving to the world that as (super)women, we are capable of anything. In today’s world, nothing stands in the way of a woman chasing and working for her dreams. So today, but also any other day, let’s remind ourselves to celebrate women not only for what they are but what they can be – these are only a few dreams away. 

Watch the full interview here:

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