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Join us for IFS Unleashed | Miami, USA | October 10-14, 2022 

Over the years, the IFS World Conference served a great role in bringing together current and prospective customers, partners, analysts, members of the media and more. There’s been heaps of sharing, learning and collaboration. 

But since hosting our last event, a lot has changed. The way we work has evolved, the technology that supports our lives (in and outside of work) continues to increase in importance, and the need for business to innovate in what they do, and how they serve their customers, is more pronounced than ever. 

It mirrors the journey IFS has been on. With the launch of IFS Cloud last year, we offer organizations a platform that uses the latest innovations in a composable way that makes sense for their business. This investment in our product, together with the investments in how we empower partners, and investments in how we provide support to customers has enabled us to become a stronger and even more customer-obsessed business. 

Challenging how we do things, striving to improve, and being more effective is part of our culture. It’s relevant to our product, it’s relevant to how we serve customers… it’s relevant to all parts of our business. 

And it’s this ethos that’s made us look at how we run our global community event… we realized we needed to unleash its full potential. 

What is IFS Unleashed?

IFS Unleased is the place that unites and celebrates innovation and success from the global IFS ecosystem.  

Unleash your organization’s full potential at IFS Unleashed. 

We will showcase the latest capabilities, inspire you with real examples and provide you with access to innovative pioneers and trailblazers who have driven success for their organization. 

It’s an event delivered in a way you want it. Direct, informative and engaging.  

You’ll have time to reflect on the big picture, and time to get into the details. You’ll hear from C-level industry peers, connect with IFS experts, collaborate with people throughout the ecosystem. This is your opportunity to unleash your potential. 

Why ‘Unleashed’?

The world of enterprise technology has been made unreasonably complicated. Things need to be clear: what technology you buy, how it is implemented, how you use it in order to get value quickly. Unleashing your organizations potential today, so that you can differentiate and grow tomorrow is fundamental to your long-term success. With technology being the backbone of all fast-growing businesses, it makes sense to use our global event to show how you can unleash it. So quite simply, the name ‘IFS Unleashed’ felt very apt.  

When and where can I join IFS Unleashed?

IFS Unleashed will take place in Miami, FL, USA on October 10-14, 2022.  

And what better place than Miami? Easy to get to, easy to navigate around and easy to enjoy. 

Check out to see what we have in store, find out more about who you’ll meet, and ensure you register early to get the best prices. 

We can’t wait to see you in Miami. 

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