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To celebrate businesses that make a difference, IFS has launched the IFS Change for Good Sustainability Awards to recognize sustainability excellence across its community of customers.

Keen to share the stories of those that are planning to ‘build back better’, and to inspire others to follow in their footsteps, the awards are open now to customers who are leading the charge in adopting sustainability initiatives.


IFS recognizes that along with its own sustainability plan, the greatest impact it can have is supporting its customers to achieve their sustainability goals, while establishing an industry benchmark for sustainability initiatives.

We’re proud that Boomi, our Global Technical Alliance Partner, is joining us to help celebrate those businesses raising the bar on sustainability.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) models are not only the right thing to do – they make good business sense too. ESG is a significant determining factor in access to capital and in the decisions made by consumers and business-to-business (B2B) customers. Lenders are already offering more favorable interest rates on loans to businesses based on ESG scores. And, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank have started to stress-test their positions not just against traditional financial risk, but against climate-related financial risks.

Free and straightforward to enter, winners have access to prizes such as free licenses to use IFS’s Sustainability Module when it launches, case study profiles and media awareness, but I expect they’ll benefit from talent attraction and retention too.

The Award Categories

There are five award categories:

  1. Best use of IFS technology in a sustainability initiative
  2. Most innovative solution for sustainability
  3. Journey of transformation to a sustainable business
  4. Social impact
  5. Individual contribution

IFS Change for Good Awards

The Judging Panel

Entries will be reviewed by a judging panel that includes:

  • Lewis Pugh, the United Nations Patron of the Oceans and IFS’s new Sustainability Ambassador
  • Jacqueline de Rojas, President at techUK, business advisor and advocate for diversity and inclusion, and
  • Michelle Lancaster, Director, Sustainability at Microsoft.

Winners will be invited to dine with Lewis Pugh and IFS CEO, Darren Roos in Glasgow during the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in November 2021. They will also be invited to become founding members of the IFS Sustainability Council, which will be an advisory group, that will meet with key IFS decision makers to support our sustainability product strategy and development.

Register here for a complimentary place at a virtual speech by Lewis Pugh on 22 June, about how businesses and individuals can make an impact.  Learn more about the IFS Sustainability Plan here, and start your IFS Change for Good Sustainability award entry today.

IFS Change for Good Awards

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