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Get to know another special member of #TeamPurple Håkan Andersson, a Business Architect.

Location: Jönköping, Sweden

Team: Pre Sales – Supply Chain/Manufacturing

How long have you been at IFS: 15 years

What brought you to IFS?

I worked in the food & beverage industry for many years, went to university and ended up in the IT sector. Before joining IFS I worked for a software company focusing on manufacturing planning and executing processes. While I was in IT, a friend recommended IFS to me and he only had good things to say about his job. He spoke so passionately about IFS as a company, his colleagues and especially his teammates in Jönköping, I was immediately interested.

I believe our “go the extra mile” mindset at IFS is the main thing that sets us apart and something I’ve witnessed first-hand within consulting and more recently pre-sales.

Håkan Andersson

What’s the most exciting part about your job?

It has to be the variety – one case is never the same as the previous one. There are new people, processes and challenges– it keeps me on my toes and gives me the opportunity to solve new problems.

What has been your favorite moment at IFS so far?

I have two great moments that cross my mind. The first one from a personal achievement perspective, is when we signed the contract with Derome (One of Sweden’s largest companies with the wood and timber industry) a few years ago, after a lot of hard work and great team effort. As for the second, it was participating in the world conference in Boston back in 2015, it was a real energy boost for me and a great opportunity to get to know employees from all over the world too.

What does ‘Moment of Service’ mean to you? When do you feel you’re part of delivering that moment to IFS customers?

I think the best example is when you talk to a customer whom you have been working within the sales process, quite some time after their go -live and they give you great feedback. The icing on the cake is when they tell you about how good our products and solutions are compared to what they had before and how our implementation team performed so well. It really is a chain of events and processes that contribute to that feedback and it’s what makes me the proudest.

Håkan Andersson

What advice would you give someone looking for a career in your field?

Listen, listen and listen more. By listening to your customer or client, you can try to understand them. And when you truly understand them, you will succeed.

What are you most grateful for/appreciate the most in your life?

My three beautiful children – even though two are now teenagers, with all the trouble that comes with that age – they still mean absolutely everything to me!

What’s your secret talent?

I am fantastic at writing Christmas rhymes! Each Christmas I write long rhymes that I attach to gifts for my family, my Father usually gets a funny one – it’s a tradition now.

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