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The People Behind IFS Cloud is a blog series meant to surface stories of the amazing individuals behind IFS Cloud.

From developers and engineers to marketers, every week we’ll get to the heart of the team behind the launch of IFS Cloud so you can get to know them a little better and find out what makes them tick!

This week meet Nadine Etong, Director, Product Management at IFS. Nadine has been with IFS for 13 years and is based out of our office in Ottawa, Canada. While Nadine isn’t working she enjoys playing tennis and Zumba dancing. Recently, Nadine has been involved in translating business requirements into functional requirements for the launch of IFS Cloud. In this blog post, Nadine will share with us what it was like to work on IFS Cloud.

Let’s learn more about her.


Tell us about your role and your main responsibilities regarding IFS Cloud.

As a product manager, my role is to listen and understand customer business problems first and foremost. Then it is about articulating a business solution that solves these business problems and brings additional value to customers. With the support of the development team, I translate the proposed solution into functional features which can then be developed and release following our release cadence.

What are you most excited about now that IFS Cloud has launched?

The new open architecture and the flexibility to create a unique solution and unique experience for each customer – which is very rare for a COTS product.

What was your favorite part about working on IFS Cloud?

Continuous learning. With IFS Cloud, it is all about a different mindset. As an example, with previous versions a custom event was SQL-based. With IFS Cloud, we now have a BPM tool embedded within the software to allow non-IT users to take full advantage of new functionalities.

In your opinion, what makes IFS Cloud a gamechanger for our customers?

​Everything! ?

We have a completely new technology stack; an open framework to easily integrate with external systems; embedded Remote Assistance functionalities; multi-device/multi-OS support and much more. In that way, everything is a gamechanger.

Nadine Etong

If you were a business, why would you deploy IFS Cloud compared to other solutions/products on the market?​

I would deploy IFS Cloud for two main reasons: Cloud and Upgrades.

Cloud is the new norm – exactly like moving from a tape recorder to a CD. A cloud-hosted solution allows a company to concentrate on its core business and let IT systems be handled in a non-intrusive way for the organization.

Upgrades, under the evergreen approach, will be much easier as changes will be steady, small in magnitude, but constant.

At IFS it’s important for us to deliver on the perfect moment of service for our customers. Thinking about our focus industries, and your specialized knowledge about our solution, can you give us a real-life example of how IFS Cloud can help delight our customer’s customers?

​Our customer’s customers can now use any mobile device anywhere and anytime to connect directly to the customer portal to follow up on their purchase orders or quotations for example. No need to wait to be in front of a desktop anymore.

Thanks for your time, Nadine! Is there anything else you want readers to know?

Yes. I’d like everyone to think of IFS Cloud as the beginning of a new journey. You will remain up to date with the latest technology. You have new functionalities twice per year. And you will not feel the burden of massive upgrades.

People Behind IFS Cloud - Nadine Social

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