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The People Behind IFS Cloud is a blog series meant to surface stories of the amazing individuals behind IFS Cloud.

From developers and engineers to marketers, every week we’ll get to the heart of the team behind the launch of IFS Cloud so you can get to know them a little better and find out what makes them tick!

This week, meet Chamilka Baranasuriya, Vice President of Application Lifecycle Experience for Research and Development at IFS. Chamilka has been with IFS for 18 years and is based out of our office in Colombo, Sri Lanka. While Chamilka isn’t working she enjoys reading and traveling. Lately, Chamilka has been leading the development of the IFS Lifecycle Experience platform for IFS Cloud. 

Let’s learn more about her. 

Tell us about your role and main responsibilities regarding IFS Cloud.

I lead the development of the IFS Lifecycle Experience which is everything that happens to IFS Cloud after the product is released. I work to create a delightful experience for our customers through their development and deployment of IFS Cloud.

Having worked on IFS Cloud in your role as VP, Application Lifecycle Experience at IFS RnD, what gets you most excited about the solution?

I am excited about the value IFS Cloud brings to customers and the experience that it creates for them. Value in the form of control for the customer and access to the innovation that comes with an evergreen application strategy.


What was your favorite part about working on IFS Cloud?

I enjoyed working with my team to put together a greenfield product. It was also rewarding to get to see the emergence of a new platform that puts our customers in control of their solutions.

Chamilka Baranasuriya

In your opinion, what makes IFS Cloud a gamechanger for our customers?

For the first time, customers have full control and increased flexibility. They get the same solution whether they are on the cloud or on-premise that comes with industry depth of functional capabilities.

Chamilka Baranasuriya

What role do customers play in the IFS Lifecycle Experience?

For the first time, customers will be in full control. They will own their implementations and are free to partner with anyone to handle their implementation of IFS Cloud.

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