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The People Behind IFS Cloud is a blog series meant to surface stories of the amazing individuals behind IFS Cloud.

From developers and engineers to marketers, every week we’ll get to the heart of the team behind the launch of IFS Cloud so you can get to know them a little better and find out what makes them tick!

This week, meet Martin Gunnarsson, Senior Vice President of Business Applications at IFS. Martin has been with IFS for 23 years and is based out of our office in Linköping, Sweden. Martin leads a global team of nearly 600 people. Recently his team has developed IFS Cloud, a platform built as one, single solution with industry depth and innovation embedded.

Let’s learn more about him.

Tell us about your role and main responsibilities regarding IFS Cloud

I’m heading up the product groups that build the industry functionality in IFS Cloud. We have a unique competence mix, of understanding both technologies and business challenges and opportunities to design software that helps our customers be the best when it matters most. In addition, it’s delivered with a delightful experience from implementing, updating, and using the software. 

Martin Gunnarsson

Having worked on IFS Cloud in your role as the Senior Vice President of Business Applications, what gets you most excited about the solution? ​

The team has been amazingly committed to IFS Cloud. I’m most excited to see customers maximize value through one, single solution. Filled with embedded innovations and industry depth, customers also have a choice of how to deploy IFS Cloud. I’m also excited because IFS Cloud offers a delightful user experience and I think customers will enjoy it. 

What was your favorite part about working on IFS Cloud?

My favorite part was bringing everything together into one, single solution. Our driver is to enable customers to get easier and quicker access to the latest and greatest innovations and industry functionality. IFS Cloud allows us to meet this goal in an unprecedented way. 

In your opinion, what makes IFS Cloud a gamechanger for our customers? ​

IFS Cloud is a gamechanger because it’s one, single solution with embedded innovations and industry depth that’s easy and quick to deploy

Martin Gunnarsson

If you were a business, why would you deploy IFS Cloud compared to other solutions on the market? 

I would deploy IFS Cloud because of its combination of hardcore, cutting-edge technology and soft-core capabilities in one, single solution. It offers the ability to collaborate with R&D which allows the user to learn about and influence the product moving forward which future-proofs the solution.

At IFS it’s important for us to deliver on the perfect moment of service for our customers. Thinking about our focus industries, and your specialized knowledge about our solution, can you give us a real-life example of how IFS Cloud can help delight our customer’s customers?​

Modern business software helps companies to bring the business altogether: customers, people and assets. A great example is IFS Remote Assistance, a merged reality solution blending a remote expert with a field technician on a mobile device to instantly diagnose, solve and validate issues. Remote experts can support customers, technicians, or engineers in inaccessible locations, even from thousands of miles away. It means your experts can be anywhere, instantly. 

Thank you to Martin for taking the time to discuss his role in designing IFS Cloud.

Learn more about IFS Cloud here.

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