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This installment of the IFS employee spotlight showcases Sabine Claesson. Sabine is a Head of Partner Process & Lifecycle. She is a member of the partner team and has been with IFS for 15 years.

Get to know Sabine a little better as she shares what she likes to do in her free time and what she likes most about being at IFS.

What brought you to IFS?

After spending eight years in the United States, I returned to Sweden and joined IFS as a trainee in 2006.  During this time, I was fortunate enough to have a fantastic mentor who was responsible for process and methodology at the time. He encouraged me to gain experience and work in different functions across the business. My mentor recognized that I had strategic skills that helped me easily connect the dots and visualize how things fit together which gave me the confidence to take on different roles over the years. Currently, I work with internal functions and partners to guide them through their lifecycle and at the same time improving processes.


What’s the most exciting part about your job?

I love challenges and working with others to continually look at ways to make everything more efficient. It’s important to me that I bring colleagues together from different functional areas, facilitate collaboration and bring clarity to how we work together to accomplish mutual goals.

I enjoy doing what I love every day and knowing that my work adds value to IFS and our partners.

Sabine Claesson

What has been your favorite moment here at IFS so far?

Every year colleagues in Scandinavia would meet during an annual retreat for employees only. I loved these events because it really allowed us to build on relationships with each other especially if we’d only have been working virtually (for instance on Skype) through-out the year.

If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could have an endless supply of three of your favorite foods, what would they be?

I’m a huge foodie and love to cook so this question is really fitting. My Top 3 would be:

  1. Coffee, because I wouldn’t be able to function without it.
  2. Quark, it’s a soft white European cheese, similar to cream cheese.  It’s so versatile, you can add herbs to it or have it with marmalade.
  3. I hunt in my free time, so I would probably have moose goulash which is more of a wholesome comfort food.

What’s the last book you read?

Hjärngympa för Hundar (Brain gym for dogs) It was a book on how to activate dogs (because I just got a new puppy a few months ago named Elton!). It’s a Swedish Vallhund, similar to a Corgi.

Sabine Claesson

What’s the top song on your playlist?

The Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine, a British indie rock band.

Is there anything you wish you knew at the beginning of your career?

No there isn’t anything I wish I knew. I originally started working when I was living in Germany and then went to the United States before landing here in Sweden. Those opportunities allowed me to learn and grow through that process. I think not knowing everything when I was young helped me stay open which was a large part of what allowed me to learn and continue learning.

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