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The People Behind IFS Cloud is a blog series meant to surface stories of the amazing individuals behind IFS Cloud.

From developers and engineers to marketers, every week we’ll get to the heart of the team behind the launch of IFS Cloud so you can get to know them a little better and find out what makes them tick!

This week, meet Binesh Amarasekara, a Software Architect at IFS. Binesh has been with IFS for ten years and is based out of our office in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Binesh started as a scholarship student where he earned his degree while working at IFS. He joined full-time after completing his degree in 2014. He has been revamping our mobile applications and services to take full advantage of IFS Cloud capabilities.

Let’s learn more about him.

What are your roles and main responsibilities regarding IFS Cloud?

I am currently working for the Mobile Experience team that caters to our customers who have a workforce that is always on the move. As one of the software architects on the team, I focus on designing and developing various mobile apps and integrating them with the business features offered in IFS Cloud.

The users of these apps are both casual and experts, so the user experience needs to be fine-tuned for each scenario. Gathering feedback from our customers and helping them perform their best when out and about, away from the office, is what I aim for.

Having worked on IFS Cloud in your role as a Software Architect, what gets you most excited about the solution? ​

Cloud solutions are the go-to option in modern times. Everything is connected seamlessly, and this helps the customers leverage themselves in their global operations. It brings in a fresh new look for IFS too!


What was your favorite part about working on IFS Cloud?

My favorite part has been seeing how we transition over to a cloud-based solution and adopting all the powerful and flexible technologies and platforms. It is great to see everything coming together in a single solution.

In your opinion, what makes IFS Cloud a gamechanger for our customers? ​

Being able to access the information you need, wherever you are, and from any device that can browse the internet is a big advantage for our customers. The ease of deployment, the fact that it’s one, single solution that offers many capabilities, and the excellent user-experience are the reasons that I would pick IFS Cloud.


At IFS it’s important for us to deliver on the perfect moment of service for our customers. Thinking about our focus industries, and your specialized knowledge about our solution, can you give us a real-life example of how IFS Cloud can help delight our customer’s customers?​

The industry I have the most experience with is service. The feature set offered to service companies to optimize their timings is a guaranteed way to delight the customers. IFS Cloud offers improved scheduling of technician jobs so that more can be done in a day. It also ensures everything is done effectively, and cutting-edge AI and machine learning are used to give the optimal results.

With features like Remote Assistance, the service technician has access to experts who are located elsewhere and request their assistance with a live video feed. This helps them adapt to unexpected situations on-site and saves time and costs for the IFS customer and their customers as well!

IFS Cloud is the culmination of all our efforts in working close to the customers over the years. We have adopted the industry-standard technologies and studied the requirements of the customers to identify and then deliver the set of features and functionalities they want. It’s a major stepping stone for IFS.

Thank you to Binesh for taking the time to discuss his role in designing IFS Cloud.

Learn more about IFS Cloud here.

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