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Some partners have grown into becoming organizations that operate on a global level, while others decide to stay true to their local market and region. ProV on the other hand, decided to be a global partner with IFS from the very start.

I talked to Ajit Nair, Founder and CEO of ProV, to hear more about their history with IFS and what plans they have for the future.

IFS Partner - ProV - Ajit Nair

How long have you been a partner of IFS?

We officially became an IFS partner in 2015, but started working with our first IFS projects with two very large global organizations in Europe in 2012.

Why did you decide to team up with IFS?

IFS has been growing in market share globally with a footprint of capabilities that were a good match to our existing business.  Because the IFS customer base is large and steadily growing, we noticed the IFS organization has shown a unique engagement model with their partners that we felt would lead to great mutual success.

We also quickly realized that our customers were very happy with IFS as a product and thus we wanted to be associated with that kind of success. At that point, it became evident that we should partner with IFS.

Describe the ideal ProV customer.

In the present day, large global organizations are experiencing key challenges staying ahead of the game. Our ideal customer would be one who agrees that a problem exists and is searching for a solution.

They may be frustrated with operational efficiency, loss in revenue, costs becoming out of control or just poor customer satisfaction. ProV will come in and help reset their priorities and shape their goals. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to help companies match their business processes to IFS’s capabilities.

If solving productivity problems, automating processes, deploying technology and training is in their interest, ProV will be happy to help.

IFS Partner - ProV

In which countries do you operate?

We are headquartered in the United States, and also have sales and support centers in Sri Lanka, UAE, Brazil, Philippines and Europe.

Here at ProV, we’re committed to creating a thriving, inclusive culture that nurtures and creates opportunities for the next generation of technology professionals. With more than 600 employees speaking over 17 languages in offices around the world, we believe diversity has the power to both inspire and drive innovation.

We are not limited by borders; we’ve had the pleasure of supporting customers on nearly every continent and completed projects in over 30+ countries.

What makes ProV unique?

We are unique in several ways, and I would group our uniqueness into these three words: Sustainability, Innovation and Excellence.

Unlike competitive offerings that are too often generic, our services help businesses to maintain efficient and smooth operational activity. Working with a top-tier solution like IFS, we can offer a faster return on investment than most companies and reduce future costs. No matter what kind of catastrophe or fallback an organization may be experiencing, our leadership team is equipped to bring not only fresh ideas, but innovated solutions that are custom designed for each need.

Since our partnership began, we’ve had a hyper focus on the IFS ecosystem, delivering on all of our commitments to each customer. We invest heavily in our people, their training and development all around IFS, including enabling technologies like IoT and Cloud, through the likes of Dell Boomi, Azure and others.

How would you describe your firm’s values and how do they align with IFS?

Our values are pretty simple. Customers are always first. We’ve positioned ourselves as the company of choice, because our environment encourages positive impact for professional development and ensures results!

ProV’s values are built upon our commitments to each other and our customers. These match perfectly with the values of IFS, and focus on accountability and uncompromising integrity at our foundation.

Compared to most organizations, you can access the help of management very quickly. There are only 3 steps to the CEO in every job.

IFS Partner ProV

What do you feel is the biggest strength of ProV right now?

We actually have a few great things going for us right now. Our employees always come to work with a “customer first” attitude.

We recently won a Stevie award for top sales and customer service in the technology industry. Also, IFS partner of the year in 2017 and an IFS global integrator award in 2020. These awards are significant and highlight our amazing dedication to teamwork.

We are rapidly gaining market and mind share with IFS users, through our tactical marketing approach, and our solutions are not only world-class, but highly efficient. Therefore, we are able to develop deeper relationships with our customers, ultimately to deliver exactly what they need.

How do you see the company changing in the near future?

We plan to hire leaders who are forward-thinking and care about the direction in which we need to go. We love to hire people who are comfortable with change and breaking out of the ‘norm’.

We anticipate accelerating our partnership with IFS to grow not only the sales revenue, but become a part of the bigger picture, which is to help shape change for our customers.

What can we expect next from ProV?

Between November and December 2020, we are launching a webinar series for IFS Field Service Management Solutions.

These informative webinars will be paired with a free downloadable whitepaper that reveals the top tips and resources. Two examples of this that are already available are 10 Reasons & Things to Consider before Upgrading IFS Applications and Doing Mobile Right in Field Service.

We’ve also handcrafted a new program called the ProV IFS Upgrade with Excellence Program. This was designed to help IFS users navigate the challenges of the upgrade process and provide expertise each step of the way.

ProV Logo

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