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Today, David Phull joins IFS as Chief Operating Officer in IFS’s Global Customer Organization. I sat down with him to talk about why he wanted to join IFS, why right now, and how he’s going to deliver for our customers around the world.

Usually, when new business leaders join IFS, we meet in person, have a coffee, exchange a handshake and talk about our first orders of priority. We all know how 2020 changed the face of these ‘new hire’ interactions. But it doesn’t change our need to recruit top talent in the industry and to get them up-and-running quickly so they can do the important work our customers need them to do.

In my conversation with David, we talked about everything from ‘why IFS’, to what makes him tick, to (most importantly) how he plans to serve our customers.

David Phull

What did you do before IFS?

I’ve worked in tech for more than 20 years, but I initially started my career in industry. Having worked at ExxonMobil, DHL and the Kingfisher Group implementing and making software deliver business value, means I’ve walked in the shoes of end users, I understand the choices they have to make and the pressures connected with them, as well as the challenges and opportunities to make a difference.

 I join IFS from Oracle, where I led the Technology Cloud team for the UK. Clearly many companies are now deploying in the cloud because of the benefits it presents them and at IFS we have a really compelling proposition compared to the competition. I understand this market well, and a key thing I’ve observed is how IFS is delivering on fast time-to-value for companies moving to the Cloud.

 Prior to Oracle, I held Senior Leadership positions at VMware, SAP and IBM. These are well established companies and the thing I’m most proud of achieving at each business is bringing together teams with a strong culture to deliver for customers. The reality of the world that we live in is that change is constant, so getting that underpinning culture right, having transparency in how we work, is key to business growth.

Why did you decide to make the leap to IFS and why now?

When the opportunity to join IFS came my way, I was immediately drawn to it because of the incredible transformation the business has undergone in the last two years. IFS is far outpacing the competition in terms of growth, the product is strong and differentiated, and the relationship the company has with customers and partners is so much closer than I’ve seen elsewhere. The people are what make the company, and I’ve been both impressed with what’s been achieved so far, as well as attracted to the impact I can have as we continue this journey.

For me it is a compelling opportunity to be part of an organization that can take the reality of constant change and adapt quickly and successfully, as IFS has been doing and continues to do right now. It’s a matter of how change is viewed within the culture here. And I want to be part of a culture where I can provide an important level of influence to that end.

I’ve also seen IFS’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, through The IFS Foundation and through its aim to elevate the incredible importance of diversity & inclusion initiatives. This is near and dear to me as I have spent time supporting the FDM Everywoman in Tech Awards and being an LGBTQ Allie for many years.

What’s the most important thing you’ll do for IFS’s customers?

Every business is looking for ways it can build and grow, whilst establishing resilience in how it performs – and this year has been a real test of that! You cannot lose sight of the business drivers motivating why organizations want to transform so the most important thing I can do for our customers is ensure that IFS is able to help them address what’s best for their business.

 I do expect more and more customers wanting to move to the Cloud, so I anticipate spending significant time with our customers, partners and internal teams to ensure they are fully backed through process. At the end of the day, our biggest indicator of success is our customers’ satisfaction.

Outside of work, what interests you and what do you spend your time doing?

My main passion outside of work is supporting my son in his motor racing through his participation in karting both at club and national level. I love spending time with my family as it helps give me the energy to bring my best and authentic self at work.

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