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Digital transformation is getting more and more complex, but luckily, we have partners such as Phocas helping customers accessing the right data at the right time.

Earlier this month I talked to Jay Deubler, President of Phocas, about how they help IFS customers improve their data insight with Business Intelligence, and more easily access information across digital platforms.

IFS Partner Phocas

How long have you been a partner of IFS?

Phocas joined the IFS family in April 2020. But, we have been working with many manufacturing, distribution and field service companies for over 20 years. Throughout this time, we have collaborated with customers using IFS.

Why did you decide to team up with IFS?

We share a strong commitment to delivering solutions that customers actually use. Data is critical to most business roles today, so Phocas has built our data analytics solution to be used by people of all skill levels. We saw a need with one of our customers using IFS to have advanced data analytics to improve their insights and make better decisions.

After talking with IFS, there was an obvious benefit to helping organizations using IFS. With Phocas, these businesses can access key insights to make decisions quickly to adapt and move forward in today’s business environment.

Describe the ideal Phocas customer.

Our ideal customer is an organization that knows there is value in their data, but are struggling to find it.

We built Phocas by supporting wholesale distribution companies, manufacturers and field service management businesses. They have so many moving parts, and capturing and analyzing data are critical to their success. Particularly given the rapidly changing marketplace and the intense competition they face every day.

Out of the box, we provide a number of ways for companies to fully capitalize on the data they are collecting in systems and silos across their enterprise. Whether you are in sales, inventory management, production, finance, purchasing or an executive, we help to eliminate guesswork and make it easier to interact with the information that matters to them.

IFS Partner Phocas

In which countries do you operate?

Most of our customers are based in the three regions where we have operations. This includes Australia, the U.K. and the United States.

What makes Phocas unique?

Phocas has always been about people. We describe our culture as fun, fulfilling, forever. While these can be interpreted in a variety of ways, as a company, we want our team members to see the work as being personally and professionally valuable and rewarding. Fun, fulfilling and forever define who we are, and the more we interact with IFS’s team and customers, I have no doubt they will find that to be true over and over.

Like our business, our technology was built with a focus on people. We understand how important data is to everyone’s role, so we built Phocas so that it can be accessible and user friendly, while also providing powerful features and benefits. We hear many stories of our customers jumping into Phocas and almost immediately seeing the benefits.

Combine the accessibility and ease of use with the seamless integration with third-party systems, customization, dashboards, simplicity of reporting and add-ons such as Financial Statements, and Phocas truly offers a complete package that is tough to beat.

IFS Partner Phocas

If I want to see firsthand what Phocas can do, where do I start?

Today, it is more critical than ever for businesses to have key information at their fingertips to make accurate and timely decisions to adapt and stay ahead. To let more IFS customers see the power of Phocas, we recently did a webinar together with IFS, including an overview and demonstration.

How would you describe your firm’s values and how do they align with IFS?

At the heart of Phocas are the concepts of trust and autonomy – we see high performance when our people can take initiative, have freedom to experiment and continuously learn. We encourage employees to experiment with new ideas and always challenge the industry norm. We believe that we can have an impact on people and the planet, so we are building a company that is compassionate and committed to both.

We see many of these characteristics in IFS too, with your focus on being challengers and people who are never satisfied with the status quo. I truly believe we share that ideal, and as a result, we both have great teams and satisfied customers.

Phocas has consistently ranked high in industry software surveys and reviews. What do you attribute that to?

The simple answer is our customers. We listen to them. We work with them on tailored solutions, and we take our commitment to support them extremely seriously. They quickly and consistently see the value in using Phocas to transform their decision-making to increase profits, efficiency and effectiveness.

The alignment between our goals and our customer’s goals allows us to deliver a Business Intelligence solution and support that drives real results. This approach is why we have been top-rated by users in BARC’s The BI Survey 19, Gartner’s Software Advice FrontRunners report, Capterra, and G2 Crowd for customer and product satisfaction, and as a solution that our customers are willing to recommend to others.

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