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Growth is one of the reasons for IFS’s focus on partners in recent years. Having partners that have the same dedication is essential for us to support our customers.

In the latest Partner Q&A series, I talked to Mirosław Kamiński, CEO at InfoConsulting, to learn more about their journey with IFS and what they have in store for the remainder of 2020.

How long have you been a partner of IFS?

We’ve been a partner of IFS since 2008, so I would say we have a longstanding and trusted partnership with IFS. Throughout the years we’ve seen tremendous growth by partnering with IFS, employing more than 200 people and exceeded 300 customers.

Why did you decide to team up with IFS?

I had worked with IFS products previously and after establishing InfoConsulting and starting out providing financial consulting to multinationals, I was looking at ways of expanding the product offering that the company could make to both existing and new customers. With previous knowledge of the company, IFS was a great steppingstone to add more product and service offerings.

IFS Partner InfoConsulting

Describe the ideal InfoConsulting customer.

InfoConsulting works with a “Glocal” mindset, so we think globally and work locally at the client site. An ideal client is ready to trust our expertise when it comes to solving their problems. Our ideal client wishes to enhance its business processes to improve both productivity, financial performance and their IFS solutions. I think our expert knowledge allows us to reach these goals together with our customers.

An ideal client is open-minded about making a move to a digital environment and understands that the major resource required to make this work is time. Customers that are willing to plan and prepare properly with financial-, human- and time resources will be much more likely to have a successful implementation.

In which countries do you operate?

As of May 2020, we have offices in Poland, Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary. But soon we will also have a local presence in the Nordics. Together with IFS we are establishing a unit located in Finland, which we believe will accommodate several companies that have operations both in the Nordics and Eastern Europe.

I’d also like to mention that with our focus on “Glocality” we offer our services to the rest of Europe too. Right now we have ongoing projects in both Italy, Germany and the UK. One of the crucial points of our strategy for the future is based on international expansion and support.

IFS Partner InfoConsulting

What makes InfoConsulting Unique?

With 18 years of organic growth, I think our vast experience gives us a certain level of uniqueness. Throughout the years we’ve had a multitude of successes and satisfied customers, but we’ve also made mistakes. Maybe the fact that we have such a long history as a partner of IFS, gives us an edge when it comes to possibilities and risks. Knowing what to do is important in every project, but more importantly it is important to know what to do when things change.

In brief, I would say that our “Glocal” framework which brings us closer to the customer is what makes us unique.

How would you describe your firm’s values and how do they align with IFS?

Our core values are professionalism, engagement, cooperation, creativity and trust. We strive to focus on client satisfaction and making sure that we build long term relationships.

“Challengers deserve choice” is one IFS’s key messages these days and I believe the only way live up to that is through a close relationship with your clients. IFS and InfoConsulting definitely align.

Anything else to add?

We actually have proof of our strong commitment and success with IFS. In 2018 we won the “IFS Innovative Partner of the Year” and in 2019 we got the “IFS Services Partner of the Year” award for mid-market companies. Experiencing that both parties in the partnership believe in each other is a great feeling.

About InfoConsulting

InfoConsulting is a leading software and consulting integration company. Providing IT consulting and software implementation for IFS, as well as a host of other technology and digital transformation software products.

InfoConsulting is a rapidly growing company headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, and has more than 200 employees. The company was founded in 1999 and now has offices in Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary.

IFS Partner InfoConsulting

To learn more about our partner landscape, please visit the IFS Partner Program.

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