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Don’t miss out on your chance to experience the world of enterprise software by registering to join an upcoming, live enterprise software webinar.

Here’s our list of upcoming, can’t miss webinars for the month of May.


1. How to meet consumer demand in challenging times (May 6)

Consider this webinar your guide to transparency, sustainability and authenticity.

Recent spikes and dips in consumer demand have caused huge disruption to the food and beverage industry. Manufacturers need to be able to rapidly adapt their production processes and supply chains to ensure business continuity without compromising safety or quality.

One step to achieving these goals is through supply chain visibility, enabling manufacturers to track exactly what goes into their products, and make changes that benefit the consumer and the environment. Join Vice President of Manufacturing Industries, Colin Elkins live as he explains:

  • How to satisfy consumer demand for sustainability
  • How improved end-to-end supply chain control can help grow your market share
  • The authentic way to build consumer trust

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2. Enabling A&D Manufacturing Business Transformation (May 13)

“Turning around a large ocean liner” is often used as a metaphor applied to business for a significant organizational or IT change—the larger the change, the slower it will take to pivot. When it comes to A&D manufacturers, those that build air, land and yes, even those large water vessels for sea, they don’t need to be beholden to the same metaphor. Provided their ERP implementation allows them to be agile in their operations and flexible to meet changing market demands, A&D manufacturers can operate with the nimbleness and swiftness of a speed boat.

The dynamic nature of the industry demands that A&D manufacturers be on their toes to capitalize on new technology opportunities, shift business priorities, and react immediately to major market events or regulatory changes. These can be relatively opportunistic and planned, such as introducing servitization models or onboarding new technology such as IoT and artificial intelligence to revolutionize operations. But they can also come from an external source at a moment’s notice, driven by sudden market or regulatory forces.

Join Matthew Medley, Senior Product Manager, IFS Aerospace & Defense, as he details how—with the right ERP software—A&D manufacturers can be better positioned to drive business transformation, react to market fluctuations and meet stringent security measures.

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3. Join the Path to Evergreen, the IFS Update Value Proposition (May 14)

At IFS we understand the decision to upgrade is an important one, based on business value. During this webinar, we will discuss the value proposition to customers upgrading from older versions of IFS Applications to the current version and joining the path to evergreen.

This webinar is a great opportunity for IFS customers to learn more about enabling growth and the ability to leverage value add services like IFS Select and IFS Success.

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4. Let’s talk about Success AMS (May 19)

In an unpredictable world, you need support you can rely on. Change your approach from managing your IFS solution operationally, to utilizing it for maximum value, with IFS Success Application Management Services (AMS). IFS customers choose Success AMS because it gives them access to the experts they need, just when they need them. Choose the IT skills you need, in the unique combination your business requires, for a quick and effective resolution.

Join Matilda Elvert, VP Customer Engagement, and Matt Kempson, VP Global Services Go-To-Market & Strategy in this live webinar to learn more about this new way to work with IFS and discover:

  • How the traditional engagement model has evolved to focus on lifetime value
  • How Success AMS drives operational excellence and enables customers to experience better and faster implementations and a lower TCO
  • How Success AMS delivers maximum value to customers

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5. Remote Service: Merged Reality for Real-Time Collaboration (May 21)

In these unprecedented times, organizations are reimagining how to continue doing business at full speed, without compromise to service delivery and most importantly, safety to their customers and employees. With in-person support minimized or completely removed, businesses are turning to technology like IFS’s merged reality solution, IFS Remote Assistance, to supply that hands-on support 100% virtually.

The use cases go far beyond today’s circumstances, though, and customers have seen immediate impact. For example:

  • Eliminate service visits, by remote resolution, interfacing Interface directly with your customers on site
  • Maximize the reach of experienced technicians and enable them to share knowledge with on-site engineers
  • Prevent downtime, use resources more efficiently and reduce service delivery cost
  • Accelerate and simplify problem diagnosis and resolution

Join industry expert, Mark Brewer, VP of Service Industries at IFS as he shares real-world use cases and present a live demonstration of Remote Assistance.

Watch on-demand.

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We look forward to seeing you during our upcoming webinars. Stay tuned for more details on our list of top webinars for the month of June!

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