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Despite the current circumstances the IFS Partner Q&A series continues. We managed to get a Q&A session with Prevas, one of our partners that recently expanded its product portfolio with IFS Field Service Management (IFS FSM).

In order to learn more about the company’s vision and values, I talked with regional manager Ylva Amrén and application consultant Asmir Tahmaz who are deeply involved in FSM projects.

Tell us about Prevas?

We solve problems. Basically, that’s what Prevas is all about. As the main supplier and development partner to leading companies in industries such as life science, telecom, automotive, service, defense, energy and engineering, we’ve successfully solved about tens of thousands of problems since we started in 1985. All thanks to our ingenious 600 colleagues located in Sweden, Denmark and Norway, together with partners and clients who saw something others didn’t. This is the way we want it. We call it “Hello Possibility.”

IFS Partner Prevas

How long have you been an IFS Partner?

Prevas has been a partner of IFS since 2019. We believe that two strong partners, as IFS and Prevas, together will be able to offer the market a concept that enables customers to be successful with field service management and aftermarket services.

Why did you decide to team up with IFS?

Ideologically, Prevas and IFS share the same vison; technology development is an important enabler that will serve society from all sustainability perspectives. Today we deliver solutions that many people previously thought were never possible. Throughout the recent years, we have noticed that field service management and aftermarket services are essential areas in order to make clients satisfied, as well to create new revenue streams for both clients and suppliers. The growth potential is great and many of our clients also demand this type of service, thus making Prevas’ product portfolio more complete.

Describe the ideal Prevas customer.

Our clients come from all different kinds of industries. What sets them apart from their competitors is their drive to leverage the opportunities that new technology brings. Whether it’s finding a competitive edge, improving on or creating new services, or streamlining their operations.

The ideal clients trust us to meet their demands, especially when they are extremely challenging. Our clients in the life sciences industry require the highest safety and reliability standards that meet strict regulations. Those who have come to us from the service industry are often looking for optimal efficiency and adaptability, combined with greater sustainability. And that’s where we come into the picture. Prevas strives to always been there to face these challenges together with our clients.

IFS Partner Prevas

What makes Prevas unique?

The feeling of accomplishment when everything comes together, that’s exactly what we strive to offer our clients. Many of Prevas’ customers today need advice and guidance on how to relate to digital trends and challenging changes, which also includes help with field service management and aftermarket services. Together, we’ll find ways to improve our client’s business, thus achieving higher efficiency and thereby profitability. All created through Prevas’ broad technical and digital expertise.

How would you describe your firm’s values and how do they align with IFS?

At Prevas, we summarize our values in the acronym BOAT:

  • Business-driven,
  • Open-minded,
  • Active,
  • Team player.

Our values are well aligned with IFS’s belief in collaborating with partners and clients to enable realization of the intended value in projects. Shared values with our partners and clients are key to our success. They pave the way for better communication and cooperation, reduce the need for detailed rules and regulations, and make our collaborations more agile and worker-friendly, thus embracing differences and promote diversity creating strong and successful collaborations.

Anything else to add?

Prevas believes in sustainable production and servitization through digitalization. This is also the reason why we recently have been designated as a recommended system integrator for Robotlyftet. Robotlyftet is a program initiated by the Swedish government and Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth to promote automation and digitalization at Sweden’s small and mid-size manufacturing companies. The Swedish industry is facing constant challenges and must find new solutions to achieve sustainability through the support of new technologies.

IFS Partner Prevas

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