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“Operating billion-dollar projects with 100 percent up-time requires that we have all the available information in our systems,” says Knut Sæthre, CFO at BW Offshore, in a new IFS case study. “It’s what our clients are paying us for.”

BW Offshore is a leading global provider of floating production services to the oil and gas industry.

With IFS Applications, BW Offshore gains real control of its projects and costs – up to $1 billion with thousands of suppliers – and can quickly manage a complex environment on a global scale.

Sæthre adds:

“Historically the information was located in disparate systems, and accessing and analyzing information was always a tricky challenge. Centralizing everything within IFS Applications, we now have the visibility needed to make the right decisions in order to maximize uptime.”

In my very simple view, this is one of the best testimonials we can get as an ERP software vendor.

A true business benefit of an ERP strategy should not be overly complicated to communicate. It has to be at the core of what you are trying to achieve as a company.

ERP is not “just a system we need to have” – ERP needs to fuel your business to achieve results faster, with less resources, at lower risk and with greater accuracy.

Operating in an environment where multiple projects are running in parallel over a multitude of regions and countries creates an exponential risk for information to get lost, misinterpreted or delayed. The art of mastering such an environment is really to be a leader in information management.

At IFS, we call this leadership skill “Business Agility.”

As there are many ways leading to Rome, there are similarly many paths to achieving such leadership.

Some go through extensive business re-engineering and tailor their software requirements accordingly. Some go with an “industry template” and some go with “standard functionality.”

BW Offshore chose to go with standard IFS functionality and this has worked for them. Watch Fritz Ekløff, SVP Corporate IT and Systems at BW Offshore, explain:

Other IFS oil and gas clients have built their business cases bottom up and have seen the need for significant re-engineering efforts.

Lately more and more clients are looking to IFS for industry templates based on IFS’s accumulated know-how in the industry.

  • Read the full story about BW Offshore’s journey from complexity to simplicity with IFS Applications: download the case study (PDF).

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