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After a fast implementation – within nine months of initial analysis – IFS Applications was deployed in Rusta’s 81 Nordic stores and in its Asian offices and hubs, replacing 50 percent of existing ERP systems. According to Päivi Redig, CIO at Rusta, this rapid project pace was an important success factor in achieving Rusta’s international expansion goals.

Swedish home and leisure retailer Rusta operates stores across Sweden and Norway, employs about 1,100 people and attracts approximately 55,000 customers on a daily basis. As Rusta entered an expansive phase, including an international expansion, the company faced several challenges:

  • How would Rusta handle more employees, an increased number of stores and the establishment of a centralized warehouse?
  • How would Rusta explicitly focus on quality and sustainability while expanding?

Rusta identified a new, integrated business platform as a key element to support its growth, and consequently turned to IFS Applications.

After the rapid and smooth implementation, Rusta now enjoys a solid platform that supports growth and internationalization, with new abilities to make quick decisions based on reliable data, measure supplier quality, and to handle larger volumes and multiple currencies.

According to CIO Päivi Redig, IFS Applications proved superior in its ability to translate business needs rapidly into Rusta’s new wall-to-wall application strategy. And, she says:

IFS Applications was a prerequisite to expand abroad as the old solution couldn’t handle multiple currencies.

Today, Rusta has standardized processes across the whole company and a platform that helps it handle larger volumes with greater precision, which is necessary for continued growth. The multi-currency capability of IFS Applications has enabled Rusta’s international expansion with the opening of stores in Norway and will also facilitate future geographical expansion.

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