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The Norwegian Armed Forces (Air Force, Army, and Navy including the Coast Guard) are in a constant state of readiness. For any software supplier supporting any of its assets, this means the demands are high.

For example, the Norwegian Navy demands a solution that can operate for six months in autonomous mode aboard Navy vessels, while ensuring vessels are ready for action at a moment’s notice. So the solution needs to be able to work as a stand-alone system and be able replicate the data to the master database whether deployed in theatre or when returning from duty. A huge undertaking which is vital if the continued success of the Armed Forces is to be maintained – and a challenge which IFS has met head on.

Since 1999, IFS Applications has played a vital role in ensuring that a constant state of readiness is maintained, and the addition of new user licenses means that the IFS solution now supports 2,500 users with mission-critical configuration management, MRO, and logistics to provide an overview of their military logistics.

The new licences will empower more personnel deployed within the whole Armed Forces, with the solution being further distributed between vessels and onshore sites. This goes further still by also allowing integration with the government finance and HR systems.

The complexity of this type of deployment demands an integrated approach and IFS Applications is probably the only solution that can live up to the stringent operational requirements of the Armed Forces on a daily working basis.

war on piratesThis has been especially evident with the role IFS has played during the command of NATO’s counter-piracy operation Operation Ocean Shield by the Norwegian Navy between June 6 and December 6 2013.

For a more detailed look at the role of IFS Applications in Operation Ocean Shield, read my earlier blog post.

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