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IFS employees tend to stay with the company for a long time – 15 to 20 years is the norm. Our customer relationships extend into the decades as well. Our relationship with Oracle has been in place since they sublet their office space from us in Sweden, and we built our initial applications on the Oracle database over 3 decades ago. So when we hold an event like IFS World Conference 2015, it is as much a family reunion as a business function.

But there are also many new faces as our family is growing. More and more companies ranging from engineer-to-order manufacturers to aviation facilities have joined what amounts to a multi-generational family. They will be hungry for the wisdom of their forebears – which means all of you. But these newcomers will almost certainly be on a very current version of software, and may give you a preview of the upgrade process and the resulting benefits. New partners are joining the IFS fold as well, and there will be much you can learn from them as well on how to extend and add value to your instance of IFS Applications.

Community environments like openIFS are very useful at transferring information in a distributed environment. But it is when we interact with each other that real knowledge and insight occur. There is no replacement for this.

Why do we have these longstanding relationships with customers? Because we understand the importance not only of product leadership and attention to your business needs, but the crucial process of building a relationship with each executive and end user at our customer organizations. That is why we make it a point to spend time face to face with our customers, and indeed take their needs to heart. Just like any healthy relationship, we build trust with each other over time. Our philosophy is to offer projects with quick, reliable time to value with the ability to extend and reconfigure the enterprise software implementation over time. We earn more and more of your trust with each success.  And then before any of us realize it, 20 years have gone by.

When we gather for the IFS World Conference, we will be like the far-flung group of relatives that communicate regularly by Facebook or email, but know the real stuff of the family relationship takes place at the home of whoever hosts the holiday gathering. Register now for the real stuff of this relationship between you and IFS.

Highlights of the IFS World Conference 2013 in Barcelona

The IFS World Conference 2015 will be held May 5-7, Boston, Mass. USA.

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