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There is more than one way to learn. Some people do well in a classroom environment. Other people are kinesthetic, and need to be more hands-on. Others need one-on-one interaction. No one method of education will work for everyone in any given situation.

But you know what? We’ve got all of these bases covered at the upcoming IFS World Conference 2015.

General sessions including keynotes from luminaries like Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales and IFS CTO Dan Matthews are inspirational, multimedia extravaganzas, designed to light every bulb in the room. These sessions will be impactful and memorable to anyone who enjoys theatre and being entertained.

Breakout sessions will satisfy those who want to take a deeper dive into specific new functionality and product features. Individual user groups and regions will also conduct more in-depth training co-located with the IFS World Conference. And you can learn more about developer and technician courses available through the IFS Academy.

Interpersonal, hands-on experiences will be available at Meet the Experts areas and in our partner exhibits. Get a first-hand look at the product and the people behind it. Get the individual attention your business needs right here at IFS World Conference 2015.

At this event, you will learn all we, as a company, can share with you about our product as it currently exists and our roadmap for the future. But you may also learn far more from each other as you connect with your counterparts in similar industries or in companies running similar business models or processes. What are they doing with IFS Applications that you could beta test in your own organization? What have their experiences been with running IFS on Azure, or in the most recent version?

If there is anything we can do to help you learn more than would otherwise be the case, just leave a comment. We would like to learn from you perhaps as much as you from us. So be sure to register now.

Highlights of the IFS World Conference 2013 in Barcelona

The IFS World Conference 2015 will be held May 5-7, Boston, Mass. USA.

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