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On December 5, Construction News ran a webcast with industry experts discussing what managing projects is likely to look like in the future.

John Lorimer, Chair of the BIM Academy, gives his views on how project management needs to change.

You can view the whole hour discussion on the Construction News website:

Construction News webinar
Exceptional Project Management: Watch our expert debate

Many questions were discussed including:

  • What does Project Management Excellence look like ?
  • What needs to change in the way we do business ?
  • Do we need a more project centric matrix organization?
  • What tools and processes do we need to support the future world ?
  • Why do we need to integrate the project plan with the whole project process ?
  • Is the Project Plan just a pretty picture ?
  • Why are we so dependent on using Excel ?
  • How Integrated is your Project Execution process ?
  • How should we integrate BIM into our project and asset lifecycle execution process?

Perhaps it is time for the industry to change?

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    The future is now, and BIM is becoming a mandate for numerous project around the globe. Countries that have not adopted BIM are gearing up for this innovation to optimize their building process as well.


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