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IFS Agility Quiz

Click on this image to take the IFS Agility Quiz today for actionable insights into your agility strengths and deficits.

The people on Facebook want to know — “What Game of Thrones Character Are You?”

I’ve never watched that show, so I didn’t take the quiz. But when I see a quiz about What Philosopher Are You, I’m all over it. I fill out the questions deliberately to wind up as Epictetus. I fill out the Which Vikings Character are You quiz to wind up as Ragnar Lothbrok. Like many people, I also fall for some the less high-brow quizzes. What car should you drive (Volkswagen Bus)? What Founding Father Are You (Benjamin Franklin)? Which Star Trek Captain Are You (Picard)? Of course regardless of the answer, we get zero actionable information and have just wasted two or three perfectly good minutes of our life.

So a bunch of really smart people here at IFS had a brainstorm. If people would waste their time to take a dubious, silly quiz with no payback, why not offer up an interactive online quiz that would yield valuable business insight about their level of business agility?

It seemed like a good idea, and after some deep soul-searching on questions that would shed light on business agility strengths and weaknesses, and some whiz-bang programming I don’t pretend to understand, we have the thing. And it is wonderful.

What does this mean to you? It means that anyone in a business management setting can spend a few minutes and find out if their business is as agile as gazelle or so rigid and hidebound your business processes may as well be bolted to the floor.

FSM, ERP, EAM Agility Quiz

The IFS Agility Quiz offers separate tracks for people who primarily use enterprise resource planning (ERP), enterprise asset management (EAM) or field service management (FSM) software. Click on this image to get started.

And in today’s environment, business agility is everything. That is why our senior thought leaders, gurus and experts have been writing so extensively about agility and making these materials available through our heralded Business Agility Series of whitepapers, videos and other helpful business content. Agility is an intangible, and in this series, we break the concept down into manageable concepts of vision, knowledge and flexibility.

And those concepts are also dealt with in our Agility Quiz, so after being walked through these questions, you will get insights as to which of these elements are your stronger or weaker points and how to evolve your business towards one that can benefit from an increasing pace of business change.

Take the quiz today. But unlike some of the more whimsical quizzes we encounter in social media where at least I try to cook the data to wind up with the result I want, you’ll want to be honest with yourself here. We designed this to give you some useful insight, but only if you answer honestly. Feel free to post comments here regarding your results and let us know how we did.

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