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As a multinational company, when IFS gets is customers, management, partners and analysts together under one roof, it is more than a professional conclave. It is a cultural event.

We want the World Conference to be a truly useful event professionally, giving you a great RFOI on your investment. We also want it to be memorable on a personal level. Somewhere you can make new friends and be entertained by world class artists.

It takes very specialist skills to deliver the headline acts at our IFS World Conference delegates have become accustomed. Bands such as Simple Minds and Madness are just a couple of the globally recognized bands that have entertained delegates in previous years. It is no mean feat ensuring we please as many delegates as possible and finding entertainment which fits the majority of our audience who are no longer in their 20’s. We have strict criteria for the bands; they must be international and they must appeal to as many of us as possible.

With the World Conference being located in Boston, America next year we had to ensure the 2015 conference entertainment lived up to its reputation. The Appreciation nights have always been defined as a memorable party which lasts the entire evening giving IFS employees, customers, partners and prospects time to network, engage and to be entertained for several hours. The party goes on well past midnight making sure all attendees have had a thoroughly good time.

The most important aspect for me when organizing the appreciation evening is that all delegates enjoy themselves and describe the evening as a night to remember. Register for the event and let us entertain you!

Highlights of the IFS World Conference 2013 in Barcelona

The IFS World Conference 2015 will be held May 5-7, Boston, Mass. USA.

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