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When it comes to the end user, they don’t care if it’s IFS, SAP, Maximo or Oracle. They care about the service, and the experience with the application.

These are not my words but the words of Seadrill, a leading offshore deepwater drilling company, and one of our longest-standing customers in the drilling industry.

This customer in particular continues praising IFS for their progress in end-user experience and also the fact that we use words such as “engaging” and “fun” when we describe our software.

Even if we don’t have queues outside our Linköping Office when we release new versions – like the Apple stores experience when any new Apple product comes out – we still like to compare ourselves with the leaders in the entertainment world when it comes to the end-user interface.

It is sometimes easy to forget the end user when you’re building a complex ERP system designed to optimize business processes. It can also be challenging technically when you’re relying on satellite communication and the occasional lack of such connectivity.

At the ONS 2014 event in Stavanger, Norway, in August, we dedicated much of our time demonstrating the Oil & Gas end user experience.

Please let the following video inspire you to think of IFS as “the biggest iPad on the market”!

The video captures Magne Halvorsen, an IFS Business Advisor, talking about the importance of usability for offshore and onshore operations in a presentation at ONS 2014.

Find out more about the oil and gas end user experience in this free whitepaper.

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