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The ability to improve your skills has always been the driver for different exams.

With the introduction of IFS Academy, we are making it possible to study and certify yourself on IFS Applications. Initially this program is aimed at our partners – strengthening the knowledge and credibility on IFS Applications for individual consultants in our partner network.

Over time, IFS Academy could be the foundation for training both at customer sites as well as within IFS.

So what is IFS Academy, then?

Well, IFS Academy is an IFS training and certification initiative, delivering training for technicians, developers and consultants with the ability to certify on 2 levels: ‘Associate’ and ‘Specialist.’ IFS Academy has been developed in close cooperation with IFS’ most senior consultants – sharing their domain excellence and knowledge on top of the IFS Applications suite.

IFS Academy Certification Structure

  1. As the first step, IFS Academy is delivered through real-life and virtual online classroom training. With the IFS Academy in place the regional ability to train partners will be made easier and we will get increased alignment between regions in how training is carried out.
  2. For the second step, we will introduce on-demand online eLearning courses aiming to launch during 2015. The eLearning courses will be set in a simulation environment making it possible to get guidance as well as advice when trying out the different parts of IFS Applications.

IFS Academy helps achieve a structured and quality-assured approach to the training and certifying of application consultants, developers and technicians to secure partners’ skills. It will strengthen the customers’ relationship with IFS when delivering partner services to our customer base.

For more information about the IFS Academy, please visit and read the press release issued today.

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