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IFS Medical Devices

Thank you to all who visited IFS at Field Service Medical in San Diego, CA!

The Field Service Medical Conference welcomed medical device companies to a three-day symposium focusing on improving efficiency of field service operations through presentations, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. The panel discussions were of particular interest to me at the conference, specifically the topic relating to how the “Internet of Things” will influence the future of field service. Overall, the panel members were in agreement as to what the future may hold for field service, but each brought their own perspectives and insights to the discussion, making for a very interesting panel topic.

Presentations by Stryker, Hill-Rom, Essilor, and others shared experiences and best practices for those in the medical industry specifically related to an increased focus on field service practices. Many organizations can benefit from field service management software, through schedule optimization, mobility, or enhanced reporting and tracking, to increase customer service while ultimately reducing costs.

More in-depth conversations were possible on the show floor among the medical industry’s leading field service executives as we continued to build on some of the other topics presented, such as improving customer service and satisfaction, as well as productivity and profitability. With approximately 200 exhibitors and attendees engaged on the floor, I had some very stimulating discussions connected to the Field Service industry.

Everyone attending seemed to get a lot out of the Field Service Medical conference and enjoyed interacting with one another in the beautiful setting. The conference concluded with an outdoor networking reception with fantastic views of the Rancho Bernardo Inn’s grounds.

Read more about field service management. To speak with a sales rep please feel free to schedule a demo.

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