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DCAA compliance experts Bruce Mortimer and Carrie Ghai

Bruce Mortimer, left, and Carrie Ghai, right

Compliance with Defense Contractor Audit Agency (DCAA) requirements is a top priority for any company doing business with the US Department of Defense. But is there really any software product that is DCAA compliant out of the box?

In this episode of the IFS Radio Network, two experts try to answer this question, and in the process offer practical, no-nonsense advice about using enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for DCAA compliance. How can ERP designed for aerospace and defense help you meet these audit requirements?

Slap on those earbuds, hit play, and join Bruce Mortimer, managing director at Rutterkey Solutions, and IFS consultant Carri Ghai for this 10-minute long master course on DCAA!

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