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Multi-sport Olympic events are perhaps the toughest. Not only does the competitor need to be highly skilled in more than one discipline. But they must be able to switch back and forth between them effortlessly.

So it is perhaps appropriate that IFS is sponsoring the IBU World Cup Biathlon. Because business is becoming more and more like a multi-sport event every year. Many businesses today look to IFS, with its agile, diverse and tightly integrated set of enterprise functionality, to help them become good at the multiple different things they need to master in their respective markets. Companies that used to just manufacture items to stock are now configuring products to customer orders or engineering products directly to meet specific customer’s needs. They are adding new service lines like aftermarket maintenance and service contracting. Companies in the burgeoning energy sector face this challenge of increasing complexity as well, as processes ranging from regulatory compliance, reliability-centered maintenance and data management become almost as important as core missions like exploration and production or power generation. Businesses are adding multiple divisions, in multiple countries, bringing multiple regulatory and management headaches. This means they need enterprise software that can streamline all of these demanding processes, across all their divisions, allowing them to master them and switch back and forth between them fluidly. Just like a biathlete.

biathlon training

Biathlon requires year-round training sessions across both disciplines to allow athletes to transition between sports without missing a beat.

Individual employees of these businesses are also faced with increasingly diverse demands. They are wearing more hats, doing more jobs. In an enterprise application, that means they need enterprise software that allows them to easily switch between roles, from purchasing to planning to customer relationship management, depending on the day. They need to do multiple things without skipping a beat. Just like a biathlete.

IFS is the official Data Sponsor for the  IBU World Cup Biathlon. IFS also shares some of the characteristics of elite biathletes such as — staying one-step ahead of the competition and an unwavering focus on improving and innovating. That’s why we’re so excited about giving biathletes Christofer Eriksson and Jenny Jonsson dedicated sponsorships.  Just as IFS does for its customers, it is helping these two Olympic hopefuls achieve their goals.

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Not all of us can compete at this level in any sport. But each of us, today, is a multi-sport athlete. How can IFS help you master all of the different skills that a typical business day demands of you? How can we help you streamline multiple, concurrent processes, and switch between them effortlessly? How can we help you beat your personal time every day, and vanquish your competition?

Just let us know.

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