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If you had boots on the ground for the IFS World Conference in Barcelona, you are probably already aware that the quality of information presented – from keynote speakers like Ray Wang, IFS CTO Dan Matthews and Pranav Mistry as well as your fellow IFS customers – was very high.

Ray Wang of Constellation Research Group at the IFS World Conference

Constellation Research Group Principal Analyst Ray Wang shares insights with a panel discussion at the IFS World Conference in Barcelona, Spain.

catalan cream

Catalan cream, a local dessert,  may be the one regret many of us have from attending the event in Barcelona.

The caloric content of the many banquets was also very high of course, so you are probably toiling like me on the elliptical trainer a bit longer each day.

You may have sat down with your peers and swapped tips and tricks, or formed friendships that will last long after the event. You may even now be comparing notes with your new contacts, seeking guidance from each other and in general use each other’s knowledge to avoid the expense of hiring a consultant from IFS. Yes, we know that cannibalizes our services business a bit, but if it helps the customer, we are more than happy to see networking take the place of paid projects. IFS Applications is a streamlined and intuitive solution, and many challenges our customers might encounter are probably best handled by brainstorming with other customers. This is as it should be.

But there are two more ways you can continue to benefit from the World Conference, even if you were not in attendance. Many of the presentations from the event are now posted on the IFS Slideshare account.

There are certain informational highlights in these presentations. For instance, Magnaflow describes how it was able to grow as an American manufacturer, despite relatively high labor costs in its native California, thanks in part to IFS Applications.

Keep checking back because more and more of the presentations will be uploaded every day. And it might not be a bad time to just subscribe to our feed on Slideshare, either.

Another way to keep the spirit of the World Conference alive is to review the live blogs that were written right from the general and breakout sessions. We had a hard time figuring out which breakout sessions to blog about, but we focused on those where real IFS customers shared their experiences with IFS Applications.

Check out these resources and continue the learning! And remember … IFS World Conference 2014 will be in Boston. Watch for more details as they become available!

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