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The top-performing maintenance, repair and overhaul companies have defined an enterprise platform to overcome the barrier to organizational change by aligning process management and business intelligence with a common organizational strategy.

But oftentimes, enterprise software run by MRO companies does not adequately address the organizational strategy. Even top-tier contractors working on performance-based logistics (PBL) contracts often find their enterprise asset management (EAM) or Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) software falls short of this ideal.

PBL contracts vary widely in terms, outputs and conditions. However, most software solutions only report on a few common metrics such as on-time delivery or total flight hours, rather than modeling the whole contract.

This presents a functional gap to MRO organizations that, apart from the requirements of the PBL contract, need to be as effective and efficient as possible and make the smartest decisions for their business. The way to achieve this is by integrating Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Process Management (BPM) – a combination that is a prerequisite for any intelligent business operation – with MRO software specifically designed for PBL contracts. In this audio podcast on ERP for Defense Manufacturing, IFS expert Denis Lofthouse describes the exacting requirements software must meet to successfully perform on PBL contracts.

leakageThis article by Marc Kerremans discusses how BPM on its own is not enough because you can’t see the dynamic context of processes. By adding BI you can achieve closed loop performance management, where metrics are compared with business objectives and the results fed back to improve processes and decisions.

IFS customer experience confirms that BI and BPM are far more powerful when integrated together than individually and help drive your strategy from the boardroom to the desktop. That is why IFS developed a new CPM Lite offering, designed to deliver this exact combination of visibility and control. This offering is just like our standard CPM solution but is pre-configured with industry standard KPIs so supply chain businesses can be live on performance management in days rather than months.

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