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During my time as an independent analyst covering field service, I had the opportunity to speak with countless service practitioners about their struggles and successes with service technologies. In doing so, it became increasingly clear that service done well contributes to revenue growth. Proving that in practice was easy, at least in the abstract—I could…

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Value for A&D

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Up to 28% more work orders a day, up to 60 less maintenance and operation hours a week, huge reduction in materials expenses. When it comes to unlocking value from IT investment, there aren’t many asset-intensive organizations with more riding on their software implementations than those in the Aerospace and Defense sector. Enterprise software in…

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SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team

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Earlier this year SportPesa Racing Point F1 Team announced its multi-year partnership with IFS. Going forward, IFS’s cloud-based ERP software will underpin the team’s racing operations and back-office needs as the team continues on its journey towards the front of the grid. After sharing this exciting news, IFS sat down with Sportpesa Racing Point F1…

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The date was September 2, 2019. It was the dawn of an ordinary Monday for most people, but for me, it was special. It was the day I entered a new world. A world filled with unity, collaboration, dedication, courage and most importantly fun. I could get used to this new world and life at…

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Planning for Brexit

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It seems like wasted (metaphorical) ink to write about the latest Brexit developments and how these will impact businesses tomorrow. The past couple of weeks have seen negotiations, debates, agreements, extension proposals, a “pathway to a deal”, then a “great deal”… followed by negotiations, debates (you can see where this is going…). In short, uncertainty…

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construction business value

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The most important thing to IFS is ensuring that our solutions deliver definite, measurable business value. That’s why we asked IDC to carry out a study to reveal the business value our enterprise solutions bring customers. IDC conducted extensive interviews with IFS customers representing every region we serve to quantify this value and found our…

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Teamwork, respect, enjoyment, discipline and sportsmanship: values of rugby teams, yes, but also values which should form the foundation of any business. The past few weeks have seen rugby fans the world over avidly following and analyzing all the action from the Rugby World Cup. However, business leaders could also learn a thing or two…

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by   |    |   5 minutes  |  in IFS Labs

When will augmented reality (AR) become a viable reality for today’s business environments? The team at IFS Labs has been tracking the development of AR use cases and running experiments for years now. And without boring you with all of the promises and failures over those years, we can now really say that today AR…

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business value in energy, utilities and resources

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In September, respected analyst firm IDC published an end-user study, sponsored by IFS, that quantified the business value achieved by customers using IFS enterprise software. It is a truly global study that provides provable, exact numbers and demonstrates the value IFS brings. This included working with a number of our customers from the Energy, Utilities…

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theCUBE Bob De Caux and Bas de Vos

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theCUBE is the world’s leading live interview show covering enterprise tech, innovation and the people who imagine, create and implement the technologies that are changing our world. This year, they joined IFS in Boston for IFS World Conference 2019. Below is the transcription of an interview with Director of IFS Labs, Bas de Vos, and…

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