energy and utilities enterprise software

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IFS started in the energy industry. Our five company founders famously pitched a tent outside the entrance to Barsebäck power station, and since then our solutions have consistently delivered value to organizations in the energy and utilities sector. Across Power Generation and Transmission & Distribution, as well as Water Supply & Treatment, our solution focus maps to the core business critical use processes in these industries….

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2020 Aerospace and Defense Predictions

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Military operators are facing tough decisions about lengthening the service life of key equipment, while simultaneously having to prioritize procurement of next-generation assets. Set this against an industry experiencing a readiness crisis and shortage of personnel, particularly in maintenance and engineering, and asset management takes center stage—and becomes a real challenge. Fortunately, there are some…

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Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for Enterprise Asset Management Software

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The IFS team is excited to announce that we have been recognized as a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software. Our team at IFS takes great pride in this distinction. Customer feedback continues to shape our products and services. In its announcement, Gartner explains, “The Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice is a recognition of…

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Short turnaround times are the goal for any airline. They reduce delays and keep customers happy. Yet, according to the U.S. Bureau of Transportation Services, 69.7% of all flight delays and cancellations are due to air carrier delays or late-arriving aircrafts, something which is very much within the control of an airline. Reducing this figure…

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No matter your industry, challenges and opportunities are never far away. The right enterprise software can support your company’s ability to meet emerging challenges and respond to constant change by providing the foundation for enterprise agility. But how exactly do you find the right enterprise software? This blog provides 10 software selection questions you should…

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Innovation at Work

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Innovation is one of the most overused words in business today. That doesn’t make what it represents any less imperative though. Innovation could be described as turning an idea into a solution that adds true value from a customer’s perspective. However, at IFS it means even more than that; it’s about staying relevant! Innovation at…

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2020’s meeting of global elites in Davos may be best remembered as a Trump vs Thunberg showdown. On one side, a US president who is pulling out of the Paris climate accord, planning to revise America’s National Environmental Policy Act and continues to promote the use of fossil fuels. On the other, Thunberg, a 17-year-old…

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2020 Business Strategy Predictions

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Finance and human capital management (HCM) are the foundations of global business operations, and they are being affected by regular and unpredictable changes to business models, customer expectations, market risks, regulation and new technologies.   The obvious tremors, of course, are Brexit in the UK and the global rise of economic and social populism, causing increased protectionism, is unpredictably driving landed cost of parts and components and hammering sales…

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2020 Energy and Utilities Predictions

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The world has never been more aware of the importance of conserving resources and reducing carbon emissions. Nowhere is this growing consciousness more keenly felt than in the energy sector. Companies need to navigate increasingly demanding taxation regimes and government policies as well as the negative perception connected to fossil fuel taking root among the general population and…

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