customer satisfaction

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Buying enterprise software can be difficult. You are at a disadvantage because the software vendor knows a lot more about the product you are considering than you do. You spend months trying to eliminate as much of that knowledge gap as you can, doing due diligence, talking to reference customers, sitting through scripted demos. But…

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Speaking with Lovisa Tholerus Sondén, ERP and Finance Systems Manager at long-standing IFS customer Ingram Micro Mobility, for just a short while, I was immediately struck by the passion she has for her work. Even though passion isn’t one of the three Ps (see below), I believe it is the driving force behind everything Lovisa…

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Aerospace & Defense 4.0

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‘Aerospace & Defense 4.0’ is revamping the manufacturing landscape in A&D. Its emergence has signaled the arrival of cost-saving products and services and has enhanced the capability of current manufacturing processes and even business models. Such technologies hold much promise for A&D manufacturers going into 2020 and beyond—but the adoption of techniques such as 3D…

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This is the fourth in our series of conversations with members of the IFS partner community. We want to onboard partners as quickly as possible. Possibly one of the fastest and most proactive onboarding I’ve been a part of is the subject for this interview. Exsitec are experts on IT-systems for simplified administration and decision…

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Project Finance in Construction

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Project financial control is often complex, multi-dimensional and prone to the unexpected, then why do project controllers rely so heavily on two-dimensional spreadsheets for their multi-dimensional requirements, and what happens when we need to change this? Project financial control I have spent many years managing the financial and commercial aspects of long term multi-billion dollar…

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IFS Challenger Champion

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Getting to know IFS Challenger Champion Zainab Abbas, Director of Investments & Projects, Akbar Brothers. More than 75 million cups of Akbar tea are enjoyed worldwide every day. But how do you orchestrate all the various processes necessary for getting the tea from Sri Lanka’s mountain slopes and into your breakfast cup? I had the…

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Five Reasons to Attend IFS World Conference

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IFS World Conference 2019 will take place October 7 – 10, 2019 in Boston, MA, and it continues where we left off last year – putting our customers firmly in the center of everything we and our partners do. If you’ve been to an IFS World Conference before you’ll know it’s packed with news and…

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spotlight on service

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I’m sure by now that you’ve heard the news that Salesforce acquired Click Software for $1.35 billion. This seems to usher in the “age of field service” where larger software companies are beginning to make bigger ticket purchases in FSM. It is great news for the industry and follows the path that other line of…

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A few months back, Gartner released its 2019 Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management, and for the fourth consecutive time, IFS has been named a Leader. While we’re certainly thrilled to once again be recognized for our unmatched ability to both provide the scope of capabilities to support even the most complex implementations and execute…

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