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Before the iPad when there was just the iPhone, BlackBerry and various Android smartphones, things were a lot easier. The phone was (and still is) the thing you always carried with you. In business it was used for sending messages and checking e-mails. On the phone we had apps, and these apps were designed for tasks you could do in a short space of time. For business use we were discussing apps to quickly review and approve purchases, to have a quick look at some KPI:s. Then came the iPad and confused us all.

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Innovation is often about finding effective and cost efficient solutions. The”Littre of Light” project in the Philippines brings indoor light to people who cannot afford to pay for electricity. The technology used? A plastic bottle filled with water. Watch this story from BBC News. This example reminded me that the best ideas do not need to be the…

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I don’t know if you’re familiar with Dragon’s Den, a reality television series featuring entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas to secure investment finance from a panel of venture capitalists. We used that concept at our R&D event last week—and the result was 60 ideas in 2 hours. Do you want to know how?

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It has been predicted that within the next few years a quarter of the global workforce will be made up of mobile workers. Although the bulk of this growth will occur in traditional established markets, non-traditional markets will also show a significant increase in mobile workforce.

There are five key drivers behind the mobility revolution.

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Kindle Fire

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On September 28, Amazon CEO and techie extraordinaire, announced their latest creation in the Kindle Series – The Kindle Fire. Usually, I wouldn’t be too excited over yet another pad-release, and certainly not one built on the Android OS, but when Bezos does something, it is usually quite good. So, did he succeed?

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Windows 8 Metro Start Screen

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Let me paint the picture for you. Los Angeles. High 70s and all sunny, 5,000 geeks arriving from left and right, with about 60% of us coming equipped with one or more Apple products. The iPhone is, to this observer, in nearly everyone’s pocket at this event. Those without iPhones had to make due with Android devices and the assorted BlackBerrys. Very few (actually, I did not see anyone) had a Windows Phone. Microsoft has got to be asking themselves what to do?

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In software a good user experience requires excellent usability. On top of that it also needs an appealing visual design, high quality, good performance. But most importantly it needs “it”. The “it” that creates the “must have” and “love to use” desires.

And therein lays the problem. What really is “it”? How could we describe what we are looking for?

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Great innovations doesn’t necessarily translate into large investments. More importantly is a clever design that exactly solves a certain problem. That’s why the creativity process needs knowledge and inspiration from your customers and stakeholders. The problem however is to get the information from the customer of exactly how they work and what their challenges are. You normally don’t get such information in a conference room with a Danish pastry and a cup of coffee. You have to look elsewhere.

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