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Samsung KNOX Android closer to Businesses

I am a firm believer that products should ship with the expected basic set of features out of the box. This is why I think Samsung’s decision announced to ship their KNOX solution to consumers is the right one. Needless to say IFS is backing Samsung’s KNOX initiative—we already have our first apps available in the KNOX app catalog, and more is to come.

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What can we learn from Nokia?

Pain is actually a good driver for coming up with new innovations because it forces you to produce new ideas. Being a leader is not painful. While you are concentrating on looking ahead, you might not detect what the competitors are doing and how your customers’ behavior and preferences are changing because you were too busy pleasing the financial market.

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Surfacing after Microsoft’s WPC

Travelling back after a week with Microsoft and its worldwide partners in a balmy (no pun intended) Houston, Texas. What impression did the 14.000 or so attendees leave with?

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Data is the New Oil – Discover and Tap It and You May Earn a Fortune

Did you know that 90% of information available today is created within the last two years? Have you ever thought about the business advantages to learn how to use these tools in business? Have you encountered the risk if you don’t?

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The Business Case for Mobility

A mobility business case must show both tangible and intangible returns that drive a company toward its business goals. Today IFS launches new public mobility pages where you can get inspired by the business benefits using IFS mobile solutions.

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The Different Personas in the Mobility Community

The mobility trend is now entering a second phase where companies are formulating mobile strategies to benefit from the new mobile technologies. They are now busy replacing old mobile devices with smartphones and tablets, and are equipping their staff with business apps as a new and productive user interface to their business applications.

The business mobility community is diversified and covers a broad range of users. It can be separated into three distinct groups…

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How Mobility Makes ERP Easier and More Fun

The music industry has transformed thanks to new technologies and new behavior. Mobility is transforming our everyday lives and transforming industries. Which industry is next?

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How to implement field service management software (faster)
Field service management software

This blog post is brought to you by IFS’s Vice President Research and Development, Tom Bowe. I recently finished a…

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3 ways to save money by reducing field service inventory
service parts management

This field service management blog post is brought to you by IFS’s Vice President of Research and Development, Tom Bowe….

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