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Supply Chain Segmentation and Differentiated Inventory Planning

IFS has released a new solution for inventory planning. Even though the solution is a brand new development it was heavily inspired by a product extension that had been offered to our Scandinavian customer base for over ten years. In order to be able to offer this product globally it was included as a part the core IFS Applications. As we included the extension into core we also made some major enhancements of the solution. The most significant being vastly improved performance.

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How Enterprise Software Vendors Can Support Supply Chain Segmentation

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Gartner’s Supply Chain Executive Conference in London. One of the many interesting topics discussed was Supply Chain Segmentation. Segmentation lets companies boost profitability by tailoring multiple supply chains within one physical flow. This made me think about how ERP vendors such as IFS can support companies to implement segmented supply chains.

The supply chain segmentation example Gartner shared resonated with me.

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The Different Personas in the Mobility Community

The mobility trend is now entering a second phase where companies are formulating mobile strategies to benefit from the new mobile technologies. They are now busy replacing old mobile devices with smartphones and tablets, and are equipping their staff with business apps as a new and productive user interface to their business applications.

The business mobility community is diversified and covers a broad range of users. It can be separated into three distinct groups…

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5 Highlights for IFS World Conference – #IFSWoCo2012
World Conference logo

Five days to my first IFS World Conference in Gothenburg. As the conference theme “Innovation” suggests, we will be discussing all that is fresh and innovative. We’ll showcase the latest industry trends to help you benefit swiftly from the cutting-edge technology innovations to enhance operational efficiency and increase ROI.

If you are joining us this year, I have five highlights that I’m looking forward to…

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