Roy Wagemans

With an international career spanning more than 25 years and with degrees in business and systems analysis, Roy is responsible for taking IFS’ products to market. After his studies he worked as project manager in the automotive industry for Nissan Europe where he was responsible for the software development and implementation of a new system designed to run multiple distribution centers. Later, he worked for Perot Systems (which was acquired by Dell) as project and later program manager responsible for the Dutch contribution to the F-35 Offboard Prognostics & Health Management System, first at Boeing and later with Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. He has broad industry experience and has fulfilled different organizational roles including country manager, delivery director and sales director, amongst others. At IFS Roy is responsible to the global harmonization and alignment of consulting related business processes to help improve scalability and efficiency of service delivery to our customers.

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Industry 4.0: fact or fiction?

Industry 4.0 remains a hot topic in the manufacturing industry, and this blog will dive a little deeper and explain…

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IFS EOI — what it is and the benefits it brings to organizations

Learn about and discover the benefits of Enterprise Operational Intelligence (EOI) in this webcast.   WHAT IT IS End-to-end, discipline-to-discipline and strategy-to-operations;…

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CEOs: take inspiration from Santa when looking at production processes

What if Santa couldn’t produce all of the toys needed for the world’s Christmas stockings? With constantly changing customer demand,…

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