Martin Gunnarsson

Martin is Product Director and ERP Evangelist at IFS R&D, with two decades experience of working with ERP software, and a passion for product strategies, innovations, marketing and sales. Martin has gained a broad experience of global business thanks to years spent abroad in Germany and Japan, involvement in company acquisitions, and customer and partner activities all over the world. Martin is also a frequent speaker at conferences and events. Martin is Product Director for Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Global Extensions, and a member of the IFS R&D Management Team.

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Le cas Nokia : les leçons à tirer

Se retrouver dans une position difficile se révèle être un bon moteur pour innover car cela vous force en fait à émettre de nouvelles idées. Lorsque vous êtes leader, vous ne souffrez pas. Et pendant que vous vous efforcez à aller de l’avant, il se peut que vous ne perceviez pas les démarches entreprises par vos concurrents et les changements de comportement de vos clients, parce que vous êtes trop occupés à contenter le marché financier.

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What can we learn from Nokia?

Pain is actually a good driver for coming up with new innovations because it forces you to produce new ideas. Being a leader is not painful. While you are concentrating on looking ahead, you might not detect what the competitors are doing and how your customers’ behavior and preferences are changing because you were too busy pleasing the financial market.

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7 astuces pour devenir un meilleur orateur

Pour toute présentation, les deux premières minutes sont les plus importantes. L’audience analysera votre personnalité, la façon dont vous êtes habillé, votre accent, vos cheveux, la manière dont vous vous déplacez, vos slides, etc. Tout ça pour savoir si, au final, il est important de vous écouter, ou non. Pendant ces 2 minutes, il est difficile pour l’audience d’assimiler des informations détaillées. Aussi, il vous faut à la place utiliser ce temps pour instaurer la confiance, et laisser à l’audience la possibilité de mieux vous connaître pour construire une sorte de relation avec elle.

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IFS and NEC: Serving Up Success—The new Food & Beverage Extension

Interview with Stefan Gustafsson, Managing Director at IFS Japan about the fruitful partnership between the global Japanese Partner NEC and IFS. In this mini interview, Stefan shares the latest news about the new joint solution for process manufacturing and a gives us a short recap of the NEC and IFS partnership.

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13 Tangible and Intangible Mobility Returns

In this post I want to share tangible and intangible mobility returns for two roles that are typical of any company; the sales executive and the project manager.

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The Business Case for Mobility – the Visser & Smit Story

Borg van Katwijk, Financial Director at Visser & Smit Marine Contracting said, “Our workforce is becoming increasingly mobile. By using business apps, such as IFS Notify Me, our employees are no longer required to be at their desks. IFS Notify Me enables them to approve purchase orders and invoices at any time and at any location—at home, at the office, or on the go. This boosts productivity and ensures up-to-date information in our central ERP system.

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Data is the New Oil – Discover and Tap It and You May Earn a Fortune

Did you know that 90% of information available today is created within the last two years? Have you ever thought about the business advantages to learn how to use these tools in business? Have you encountered the risk if you don’t?

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CRM App – The most wanted business app is now also available on Android

According to and IDC survey 31 percent of companies indicate CRM (e.g. management of sales, contracts, activities, and opportunities) is the mobile business app that would most significantly impact their business. We have it. Please try it.

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Shorter Time to Value with “IFS Upgrade” Program

The aim with IFS Upgrade is to help our customers upgrade to the latest version of IFS Applications, thereby quickly taking advantage of new functionality to improve productivity and their competitive edge.

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The Business Case for Mobility

A mobility business case must show both tangible and intangible returns that drive a company toward its business goals. Today IFS launches new public mobility pages where you can get inspired by the business benefits using IFS mobile solutions.

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4 Behavior Patterns That Will Help You Flex Your Creativity Muscles

Below are four different kinds of innovative personalities. Do you represent one or several?

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Seeing the results of the post-conference survey, I am pleased, but not surprised, by the activity that got the most positive response. It was the Meet the Expert area. Dear R&D colleagues, feel proud as your contribution to a successful conference is crystal clear.

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