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Time to check in with another of our partners active in the German speaking part of Europe. bytics , along with IFS, see that the potential for more companies benefitting of our software and services is sky high. I had a talk with Uwe Kutschenreiter, who has recently been hired as Managing Director for bytics in Germany.

How long have you been a partner of IFS?

We became an official IFS partner in 2019, starting out of Switzerland. But now we’ve also established a subsidiary in Heilbronn, Germany.

Why did you decide to team up with IFS?

Two of the main reasons were because of the technology of IFS and your global approach. Having global capabilities, and also acting locally is especially relevant for companies which want to grow. Another important reason is the deep and outstanding industry understanding within your software. We are sure that this combination provides a unique and outstanding offer to customers.

Describe the ideal bytics customer…

It would be a company that is part of an industry such as manufacturing, engineering, and project-based services. Motivated to become more sustainable as a company, embracing Industry 4.0 and even perhaps 5.0 in general with the will to develop sustainable. So in essence, the ideal customer is a forward leaning and proactive one. As a service provider we are naturally looking for those that are interested in long lasting collaboration and located close to South Germany or Switzerland.

In which countries do you operate?

Switzerland and Germany.

What makes bytics unique?

Bringing more to the table than just an IT and ERP projects. With a long standing reputation in the field of digital transformation, business software, intelligent solutions, and industry expertise, we can bring aspects of this expertise into everything we do. So, we´re able not only to support our customers to mirror their business processes into an IFS ERP system but to help them to refine their existing processes if needed.

Maybe the most important thing is that we truly believe successful projects are an outcome of how we are acting with our customers. It is perhaps not unique, but it is hugely important to us.

And what is your main focus right now?

bytics is oriented on new customers which aligns with IFS – to raise market share. Secondly, bytics is extremely service-oriented.

We see a clear parallel to IFS’s focus on the #momentofservice, because we consider ourselves to be a very service-oriented company. It means that we are building an organization in cooperation with other IFS Partners around the world, to support our customers so that we can gain the customer satisfaction. As you are expanding the IFS partner ecosystem, we are expanding our ecosystem of IFS partners too.

Being close to the customer is something we have in common too. The relationship at the eye level is an indispensable part of our philosophy. Fair in every step, passionate, engaged, and reliable. “Treat your customer like a friend” and “deploy your vision” are statements we prescribe to.

Can you say a few words about what’s next for bytics?

Well, we are growing and growing. First, we were only located in Switzerland with two offices in Volketswil and Granges-Paccot. Now we’ve expanded to South-Germany with an office in Heilbronn. Next steps are to start with a location in Nuremberg and in Stuttgart. In this growth process we’re looking to extend the team to reach more customers and support them effectively.

How will this impact the IFS partnership?

The partnership is guaranteed, and now we will both enjoy a win-win-win-win-situation together. First win stands for the customer, second for the economy in DACH and Europe, third for IFS and the fourth for bytics. All these instances will benefit from our partnership and our aim to bring digitization in a professional and innovative kind to the market.

What’s your personal motivation for working with IFS?

I’ve been in the business for many years and therefore I know many well-known business software and ERP solutions. What I’ve noticed is that IFS is taking a different path. A more modern and innovative path that can help companies accelerate the transformation, whether digitally or by exploring new business fields.

I am convinced of the quality and know-how of the IFS team and see that your applications, such as IFS Cloud, are more than just software. They are real solutions. Another great motivation is the expertise of the bytics team and our partners in the field of artificial intelligence. It is a perfect interaction of different actors who get the best out of their customers.

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