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As part of my degree in digital marketing at the University of Bournemouth, I had the opportunity to spend a year working in the industry. I chose to pursue this internship at IFS to gain valuable marketing knowledge and experience in a working environment. before I make my return to Bournemouth to complete my final year of studies.

Unfortunately, I am yet to experience the “normal” working environment. So, for now, it’s Teams calls on my makeshift desk… It’s not how I thought I would spend my placement a year ago, but a lot has changed since then. Hopefully, I’ll be able to meet some of my colleagues before my time here comes to an end!

IFS Internship

Three Letter Acronyms

I’m now three months into my internship at IFS and I’ve had the great opportunity to connect with loads of people in the digital space. I’m supporting the projects of others while managing to fulfill my main responsibilities and at the same time building connections with helpful and positive people along the way.

During many meetings, I would hear the acronyms EAM, ERP & FSM used in conversation but was never sure what they represented. And more importantly, IFS’ involvement with these arrangements of letters.

Since I’ve been here, I’ve taken it upon myself to gain an understanding of what these acronyms mean. I’ve set up numerous meetings with my IFS colleagues who have been a great help in giving me insight into the enterprise software that IFS offers.

It’s been eye-opening to see how enterprise asset management (EAM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and field service management (FSM) are being implemented all around us. In mainstream companies and even the more niche ones.

ERP, EAM, FSM Enterprise Software

I learned how EAM, ERP and FSM are different types of business software that businesses implement to streamline the creation and delivery of products and services, or to manage the equipment and plants that create value. I also learned how and where IFS positions in these markets.

Part of my internship duties were to work on educational web pages. These pages provide more detail on what these acronyms mean. They also explain how the software is being used in companies that are an integral part of everyone’s lives.

If you visit these three pages, you can follow some of my own learning journeys as I gain into these types of business software during my internship.

What is enterprise resource planning (ERP) software?

What is enterprise asset management (EAM) software?

What is field service management (FSM) software?

Please check these web resources out and tell me what you think in the comments!

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    Shayur Maharaj

    Internships are so valuable, I am glad to see that you leveraged yours for so much insightful information which you then shared with us.


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