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Nobody likes being benched. 

You’re a seasoned enterprise software consultant who leads customers through the implementation of the kind of business systems that transform their entire operations – for the better. You thrive on the challenge, the pace, the incredible pressure of driving a successful implementation project. And now you find yourself, like so many, stuck at home. Perhaps your calendar is quieter than you might prefer.  

As the Chief Customer Officer of a global enterprise software vendor, I know firsthand that many of the experts we rely upon to implement our solutions (and help drive our growth strategy as a business) find themselves out of work, furloughed or otherwise just not at their full capacityWithout a doubt, this is a difficult period for the consulting industry.  

With over 1,000 consultants in my own organizationI can say, we fully empathize. The global pandemic has forced us to translate our implementation methodologies and adapt them to being virtual. While the incredible technologies that allow us to accomplish massive feats virtually would have been impossible even a decade ago, they do not account for absolutely everything. 

IFS supports consulting community during covid-19

We are all anxious for the world to get its momentum back but, equally so, we’re not the kind to stand idly by and wait for this to happen. If you’re the kind of consultant I described earlier, then neither are you 

Over the last month, we’ve challenged all 4,000 IFS employees to take action by bringing new ideas and new solutions for both our customers and others in our ecosystem to help weather this pandemic. 

Out of IFS’s 5-star global partner organization came an idea that was a straight forward one for me: take this time to find more 5-star consultants and invite them to the IFS fold. 

Part of the reason this was a ‘no brainer’ for IFS is the fact that hitting our growth targets is impossible without our global network of over 400 partners and their army of certified implementation consultants. So, as a direct result of requests from implementation consultants asking for training to begin a journey to certification on IFS systems, we are taking action. 

Invest (time) in your future 

Our global partner organization, together with our global consulting team, have created an opportunity for experienced ERP, IT and FSM (field service management) software consultants to invest the unoccupied spaces in their calendars in getting trained on IFS systems.  

IFS will be providing training, free of charge, to help qualified consultants begin their journey on IFS systems. Once trainedconsultants will have the option to become certified on IFS products and, ultimately, have the opportunity to work with us and our official partners on customer projects. This program includes access to free learning and virtual classroom training, with the goal of certification in the subject area of expertise.  

The program is aimed at consultants with at least 3-5 years of experience in the industry, are not currently affiliated with an IFS partner or part of the subcontracting ecosystem and are not currently registered against an active IFS customer project. 

Please start by filling out this quick form, and we will follow up with detail on the minimum requirements and about how much time you’ll need to invest to get trained, certified and active in the IFS ecosystem. 

IFS Applications 10

Standing togetherbut at a safe social distance! 

Over the last two years, IFS has seen eight quarters of consecutive, highly profitable, double-digit growthWe are among the highest and most reviewed ERP, FSM and EAM providers in the industry on platforms like Gartner Peer Insights, with leader positions in some of the most prestigious 3rd party researchThe market realizes we offer something different from our competitors and they’ve let us know this by making the active choice for IFS. Intrinsic to this success has been our global community of partners, whose revenue contribution with IFS has grown three-fold between 2018 and 2019. 

I share this not to boastbut to encourage those of you in a situation like the one I described at the start of the post to take a step forward with us. There is tremendous opportunity out there – even in times like today. So, if you are one of the many experienced ERP or FSM implementation pros who find yourselves with some level of spare capacity and are eager to spread your wings, I hope you’ll take the opportunity to join this training. Be part of our growth journey and #standtogether with us to write the next success chapter in the IFS book.  

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